Saturday, 31 March 2012

Spring has sprung!


I came back yesterday from my week away, and feel so much better for it, really refreshed and inspired - it was just what I needed I think! I couldn't have picked a better week off weather wise - it has been gorgeous every day, with blue skies and temperatures into the twenties. It's been more like mid summer than the end of March, though today  it's back to the cold and grey. I hope that wasn't it for the nice weather for the year!

I love spending time with my family, I don't get to see them often enough because we live so far away, so it was a lovely week. We took a few day trips out but because the weather was so nice we also were able to sit around outside quite a bit. I took all my blanket yarn so spent lots of time making squares in the sun, happy days!

Mum and dad also wanted to find a planter for their courtyard, so lots of wandering around garden centres was done looking for one. Needless to say they didn't actually find what they were looking for, but I really like pottering around looking at the plants and flowers especially as the weather was so nice...

 I thought the little coloured watering cans filled with  primroses were so sweet!

I so love spring flowers, so happy and bright and colourful after the dark grey days of winter...

We need to do our garden this year. It is basically just soil at the moment because when we moved in last year it was getting towards winter so we decided to leave it for a few months. Not really sure what to do with it though - it is quite a small space, but sure we can do something nice with it! Need to get some gardening mags/ books really for inspiration.

I managed to make another 90 squares for my crochet blanket this week in between trips out. I've changed my mind so many times on the colours - I started out with turquoise, pink and red (my fave colour combination!) but gradually decided a slightly paler, more Spring like palette was the way to go. I'm still using my Stylecraft yarn, so it was quite difficult to decide on colours which were different enough to the other two blankets I've made, but that would also compliment each other. 

This is what I have decided on at the moment...

What do you think?

It reminds me of crocuses with all the purple, yellow and green so just right for the time of year! I've now done about 140 squares in total. I'm not really sure how many squares I am aiming for, probably around 200 then it will be the dreaded joining together (really not looking forward to that bit)!

I also came back to some lovely post including Master Sorrel...

I bought him from the lovely Jooles of Sew Sweet Violet and I LOVE him!! Such pretty colours and so beautifully made, he is happily living on my new pinboard which I actually made at eight o clock this morning... (Told you I was refreshed and inspired,  I couldn't wait to start making again!)

I just covered an old board with some wadding and pretty pink floral fabric using my staple gun, then stapled on some criss-crossed ribbons and hammered in some upholstery tacks - sure they neighbours were impressed with the noise so early on a Saturday (actually their cars had gone so I'm hoping they weren't in).

Anyway have just popped some of my favourite cards and bits on it for now, though I'm sure I will fill it up soon enough! I love to make spontaneous things like this for the house, I just don't often have time. Some mini bunting is next on my list though whilst I am on a role!

I also bought this....

... after reading about it on lots of other people's blogs. Only had a quick flick through whilst I had my breakfast but it is so up my street - lots of colour, pattern and inspiring ideas, it is just gorgeous! You can buy it here and also check out Selina's fab blog.

I also got another super exciting delivery in the post too - but more about that next week - it will include another giveaway too! Anyway hope you have had a good week too, and have been able to enjoy the lovely sunshine while it lasted! Take care, will be back soon xxx


Jooles said...

Hello :o)
Welcome home..its so nice to have you back x
I am so happy to hear that your week away was was just what you needed, it sounded perfect. Loving those spring flowers.

90 squares???!!! wow that is good goping and i LOVE the pretty.

Master Sorrel looks jolly happy up there on your gorgeous new pin board...what a lucky little fellow to have such a lovely new home.
thank you so much for the sweet mention x
enjoy your garden plans
love jooles x

Jooles said...

Me again! Yes... the pink chair is from Laura Ashley! it is THE most comfy chair EVER, I shall think of you when I sit in it :o)
love jooles x

Sally said...

Wow! 90 did you say, 90!!!!! blimey I'm so impressed!! Wish I could crochet that fast! That book's on my list too!
Sally x

.Rosa Lily said...

Your squares are like rainbow colours, quite beautiful :) I love your board, lots of inspiration here. That book looks a good read, I may have to go to Amazon and check it out! Glad you had a good rest and glad to have you back in blogland! x

Pink Milk said...

So glad you've had a lovely week - clever you for arranging such gorgeous weather!

Such pretty photos - love the spring flowers and your crochet squares. Oh, and your noticeboard. Well, everything really!

Master Sorrel looks very handsome - I am the proud owner of Miss Buttercup - great minds think alike!

Heather x

bellaboo said...

You certainly picked the right week for your holiday,sounds like it was a lovely break.We're going after Easter and they say snow and blizzards are on the way would you believe?! Our garden sounds much like yours,although we do have the neighbour's magnolia to give a bit of colour.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend. :0)

Helen Philipps said...

Such a lovely colourful post, Jenny! Your break sounds perfect, just right. I LOVE your new do remind me of me, being up early making something when you're inspired! Your board looks really pretty and I especially loved seeing Master Sorrel from Jooles on it! Well done on getting so much crochet done too. Enjoy your garden planning, and have a lovely rest of the weekend.
Helen x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

So glad you had a lovely time with your family Jenny and now feel refreshed and ready for creating. You've made a great start with your pinboard!
I love your crochet squares and the colours are so like primula, crocuses and pansies!
Our Saturday turned out quite nice in the end, it was cool in the shade but otherwise bright and sunny, better than expected!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend,
Vivienne x

Jam Dalory said...

Great post, so much fab stuff. I love the pinboard. I know how you feel with family living so far away, it just makes the times you meet up all the more special. And clearly it not only refreshes you but makes you want to take on the crafting world. x

Jacquie said...

Hi Jenny, I love your granny squares.....such pretty colours.
Great flower pictures and pretty purchases too .Welcome home .
Jacquie x

Kay said...

Love that cute owl.

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