Saturday, 17 March 2012

Short and sweet... (well that was the idea)


Bet you didn't expect me back so soon... but I've decided little and often is the way forward with my blog! Thanks for all your sweet comments on my last post - it is so nice to know that there are lots of us in the same boat! I've woken up this morning feeling positive and motivated though which is always nice... even though have been awake since six! Karl had to go into work this morning, so I got up, made myself a drink and went back to bed to read and do a little granny square making! I've only done a few so far, even though they are really quick. Having been inspired by both Jacquie and Heather, I've decided to go for solid colour grannies this time and make a kind of patchwork blanket! 

I originally was only doing three rounds per square but then I decided to add another to each, as otherwise they are super tiny and it will take me absolutely forever to join them all together at the end! (Don't even want to think about that part now.) Anyway, I have bought a couple more yarn colours which should be arriving this week, hopefully in time for when I go visit mum and dad next weekend. I haven't really got too much of a plan colour-wise, just making squares and will see what looks nice as I go along!

Apart from the crochet, I haven't done that much over the last few days really. After I wrote my post on Thursday, I took the rest of the afternoon off and lay on the sofa surrounded by blankets, my hot water bottle, some chocolate and watched a nice girly film. It was just what I needed even though I still felt a bit guilty about taking the afternoon off! I've kept my personalised products off the website even though my new embroidery foot has arrived (yay!) to give me some time to catch up on other stuff. Yesterday though I got another large order for my floral mirrors to be used as wedding favours so spent the morning making them up.

I also made up another couple of mirror designs which I have literally just put into my shop... there will be a blue paisley design to match the pink coming soon too but just not got around to photographing yet.

 Love this fabric, it is so fresh and Spring like - Tulips are one of my favourite flowers!
And of course the pretty paisley fabric is also a favourite of mine. Funny how taste changes as you get older actually as I never liked paisley designs a few years, I don't know why... but this one is gorgeous! It is discontinued now but I managed to buy up a few metres of it, so hopefully it should last me a while yet.

 For more crafting ideas, go to

I also made these fabric covered storage pots for the March issue of Crafts Beautiful. This was actually out a little while ago now, as the current issue is the April one, but I thought I would post the pics anyway! I really do mean to make more of these pots as they are so useful for holding bits and bobs and can be made out of any old tins you have around the house. These three actually started out as a cocoa powder tin, a tin of dried milk and a tub of bicarbonate of soda (which were the only things I could find in the cupboard that morning!!)

Anyway, I think that's enough writing for today - it's actually a slightly longer post than I intended, I just can't help myself! Hope you have a nice weekend though and you get a bit of sunshine to enjoy, back soon xxx


greenrabbitdesigns said...

I love your tulip mirror Jenny, very pretty indeed.
I too have a little pile of solid colour granny squares waiting to become something, eventually!
Have a lovely weekend,
Vivienne x

Katie said...

Hi Jenny, Your granny squares are just lovely, a great range of colours. Can't wait to see the finished article! Love Katie xx

magie said...

I love the yarn colours you have chosen for the granny squares..Do share the finished blanket when you are done :) The tulip fabric mirror is so pretty..
Enjoy the weekend..

.Rosa Lily said...

I noticed the fabric covered tins (lovely), I did this to a few old baked bean tine with free papers from Craft mags, you can make them look quite good, it just brightens up the study!! xx

henny designs said...

It's lovely to see all these pretty colours on such a rainy day.
I love the paisley pattern too - paisley always reminds me of eiderdowns, cosy and Enid Blyton-ish!
Henny x

Jooles said...

hello lovely Jenny :o)
I am so glad to hear that you took the afternoon must look after yourself x
what pretty mirrors and i would never have thought of using them as wedding favors..that is a fabulous idea.
Love your crochet squares....its going to be very pretty i can already tell.
have a wonderful break
love jooles x

Helen Philipps said...

Love all the pretty mirrors, Jenny, and your gorgeous CB magazine makes too! The solid granny squares are quite quick to do, aren't they without all the colour changing? I made some plain cream ones for the back of a cushion last week and can see the possibilities :-)....
Glad you had a little break, just what you needed.
Enjoy your week.
Helen x

Dinki Dots said...

Love the new mirror fabrics - tulips are my favourite flower!
Looking forward to seeing the blanket progress!
Maria x

Fleur Cotton said...

You use very pretty colours...

I love the pencil pots, great inspiration.

Fleur xx

JP said...

glad you are feeling better - your work still looks good after all that soul searching!

Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Love your new tulip mirrors pretty and the granny squares will make such a lovely patchwork style blanket..
Congratulations on your latest feature too and hope you are having a lovely rest this week!
Susan x

Dinkyflowerpots said...

Lovely fabric and it makes such a difference to the mirrors. Also, taking an afternoon off is worth it's weight in gold so don't feel guilty. If you feel better for it then it will show in your work!

B x

Poppy said...

Hello Jenny,
I love the colours of your granny squares! What a fab idea for the mirrors.
Wishing you a lovely weekend....don’t work too hard!

Lou xxx

K @ Aurora Blythe said...

Adore these color schemes! Cheeriness at its best!

Chiara said...

nice blog dear!!!follow u!!!i've a new post on my blog...i hope to have your opinion...kisses

reyah said...

wow, this are all lovely creation!

Nadine Thomas said...

Beautiful photos again, Jenny. They are always lovely and bright and full of colour. So cheery!

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