Sunday, 20 March 2011


I woke up this morning with a real urge to do some spring cleaning. I didn't get very far at all though, as one of the first things I found hidden away in a suitcase at the back of the wardrobe were these beautiful vintage maps! Can't even remember buying them, although I must have picked them up from a charity shop or boot sale somewhere along the line. They are all of Melbourne, Australia, and are in the most yummy pastel colours... aren't they lovely?

I very rarely find things in the house that I don't remember buying as I'm getting quite good at only buying things I really want or need these days, so these were a nice surprise. I also love a good clear out, it is such a good feeling to give those full bags to the charity shop, but these will definitely be staying.

Maybe it's just me (my other half looked at me with an expression of incredulity when I said I was going to photograph them), but there is just something I really love about old maps and globes, I find them so interesting. I'm not sure exactly what I will do with these, as the condition of my favourite one is not great, at all though it would look great restored in a frame.

Anyway somehow it seems to have got to lunchtime already (how did that happen?) but I think that will end today's rummaging - I have a stack of badge orders to sew this afternoon instead! Have a happy Sunday, hope that sun is still shining wherever you are. x


Anonymous said...

Well the sun is still deciding whether to shine or not!! At least it's not raining!
That's the problem with spring cleaning there are so many things you find along the way to distract you.
Your maps are lovely, my husband would love them, he's a big fan of maps of any description.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. :)
Vivienne x

crafts@home said...

Those maps are gorgeous, men, they just don't understand us do they! Happy badge making,
Sue x

moonstruckcreations said...

I love maps - I remember I used to love reading them when I was little (they came free with Esso petrol back in the swinging 60's!) and still love them now. No sat navs for me!


silverpebble said...

Maps are so fascinating - I could stare at an OS map for hours, spying details and taking myself on little journeys.

Helen Philipps said...

Beautiful map pictures, Jenny! I love them too - they somehow look so decorative besides the information they contain which can stir the imagination. I love them used in artwork too, and made into other things - very inspiring!!
Have a happy week.
Helen x

*✿*ℳḯʟʟḯ℮ ℳεα∂☺ωSẘℯℯ☂*✿* said...

gosh yes..the maps are delightful! and i don't blame you for being drawn into their siren call and forgetting about the spring cleaning ;o)
it is something i have been procrastinating about myself. i so want to do it and know i will enjoy it when i begin, but other things keep tempting me away,
love the daffodills in the post below too. they are one of my favourite flowers and i so look forward to their arrival each year.

hope you are having a good week.

wamest wishes


Poppy said...

Hello Jenny, I always get looks like that from my OH so you are not alone. Fab maps!

Lou xxx

home made gorgeous said...

Hi Jenny, these a fabulous maps, and so interesting to pour over places from another part of the world too... I completely identify with the getting distracted while spring cleaning issue! Hope you are having a good week, Sarah x

Hannah @ BubbleBay said...

Hi Jenny, these maps are lovely & would look great framed. Have a lovely weekend xx

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