Friday, 4 March 2011

Catalogue Time!

The Not on the High Street Spring Catalogue came out yesterday and for the first time since I joined last year, I am in it!!! Big excitement, although also mixed with a little apprehension, as I don't really know what to expect from it and it was such a massive outlay that I really, really hope it is worthwhile. 

My personalised 'I love' badge is the product I am featuring - If you have a copy of the catalogue, you have to go right to the back page to find me... Here's my little slot in all it's glory:) 

Hopefully this will be a good place  to be (people sometimes read magazines back to front right?) At least I won't be lost somewhere in the middle and since I'm right next to the ordering info, it might inspire people to do a little impulse buying! hehe. It's only been out a day but I've already had lots of orders for them which is fab. Hopefully will continue with a good steady stream of orders through til the end of the campaign in April. By then I am sure I will never want to see one of these badges ever again! 

I was also in the NOTHS customer newsletter on Wednesday - I've never been featured in one of their newsletters before, but the sales started coming in almost immediately! They have such a massive customer base, so fingers crossed I may be lucky enough to be featured again sometime soon!

There are some really gorgeous things in this catalogue so I am going to have a proper 'front to back cover' read of it this weekend. I have to say that the quality of it is so much better than some of the previous ones - the pages are thicker and it just has a nicer feel to it, so I am really happy to be taking part in this one.

Last but definitely not least, I also need to say a big thank you to Claire at Les Bijoux de Claire for awarding me a stylish blogger award yesterday - so lovely and I am really touched to receive it. I've now been honoured to receive it 3 times in the last few weeks, so I shall do another post with 7  more things about me soon (bet you can't wait for that!) Here is the first '7 things' post if you are interested! Thank you again Claire:)

So that's about it for now... I should probably get a move on and stop faffing about on the Internet as I have a jam packed day of making personalised badges to come, the first of many I hope! I also need to pop to  town and the post office - it is another beautiful cold but sunny day here, which lifts my spirits no end! Have a fantabulous weekend, hope the weather is kind! xxx


Cowboys and Custard said...

Hello Jenny.. thank you for your comment!
I espied your lovely badges in the NOTH catalogue that arrived this week. I hope you do really well.. and I have one word of advice.. Brace!! I had a great response from my valentine card that was in the last issue.

Michele x

Sarah Bayly said...

Hi Jenny,

It's all very exicting :-)

I went in the Valentines Catalgoue a month ago and had ton of sales from it. I'm not sure if I came near covering the catalogue costs, but the best things is that it seems to have raised my profile in other ways, as I'm now getting lots of hits on my website too!

crafts@home said...

Congratulations, I hope it brings you lots of continued success,and isn't too much hard work.... I always read back to front! well done on the stylish blogger awards as well, Sue :)

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Hope it's a great success for you! I've no doubt it will be, you're lovely makes will sell themselves.
I noticed you the other day when I got my email from NOTHS!
Have a great weekend Jenny!
Vivienne x

Pipany said...

I'm still recovering from being in the Christmas one jenny! The orders have started with this spring catalogue here too and I have that feeling we are off agin. I agree with the 'brace yourself' tip from above! Good luck x

Biba said...

Congratulations, you deserve the publicity, your designs are absolutely gorgeous!

pop-i-cok said...

Oooh exciting! Good luck :-)

daisy daydreams said...

Saw you in the cat. I love sitting down with a cuppa and looking through all the wonderful stuff in there. Hope it brings you lots of sales. Amanda....x

Helen Philipps said...

Well done, Jenny - I have a feeling you will be inundated with orders!! I'm sure you'll do really well because your work is so lovely.
Helen x

Tabbyroo said...

Good Luck with the orders, sure your get lots, it all looks so well made Linda x

Poppy said...

Well done, I can see you being really busy!

Lou xxx

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