Saturday, 7 April 2012

Happy Easter!

I did do a little Easter decorating this week, though sadly my Easter tree ideas never made it to fruition. I actually couldn't find any suitable twigs - the ones around here were too 'leafy' already! I did buy a few new hanging eggs though like these cute vintage  looking chick and bunny ones..

...but without a 'tree' to hang them off, they are actually hanging off the bunting on my dresser for now!

I wanted a dresser for so long, and saved up lots of pennies to buy this lovely one from Laura Ashley last year... I really love it but now I have it, I do find it difficult to decide what to put on it! I don't have much china to display so just normally go for a random mix of cups, jugs, cards, candles and other bits and bobs. It's much more difficult than I thought it would be to create a good display though!

Another Eastery touch around here is these sparkly little eggs which were a pound shop bargain...Cheap and cheerful displayed in a jug but they were calling out to me!

So anyway... my Easter weekend has been so nice so far, hanging out with friends, a lovely pub lunch, some gardening, and now I am currently lounging on the sofa watching tv with a big bag of mini eggs for company... somehow I've got through almost the entire bag already! The sooner I eat them though, the sooner they are gone and I can get back to trying to tone up for the summer :D we booked flights to Portugal in July so need to get back to my bikini body!!

Anyway, am feeling a little tired but content knowing that I have the entire evening stretching ahead to work on my patchwork granny blanket, it is a happy feeling. I do so love being at home... being comfy and cosy, there is nothing like it...

I still have quite a way to go on the square making front because I've not done any this week at all - think I was all crocheted out after the 90 I did last week! I laid all the squares out on the floor so I can see how they work together and how many more I need to make of each colour... I keep popping in just to look at them... happy sigh! I've added in the meadow green again as I thought it looked a bit pastelly - what do you reckon?

Anyway hope you are having a fab Easter weekend too whatever you are doing. Thanks so much for popping in as always and don't forget to enter my seaside giveaway if you haven't already! Have loved reading all your comments so far, so many fellow seaside lovers!! Am very jealous of all of you living by the sea though, it is my dream... one day! xxx


kirsty said...

Your dresser looks fab Jenny - I love those vintage style eggs!

.Rosa Lily said...

Happy Easter to you Jenny :) I love dressers to, and I dont think I could ever tire of putting items on it! Anything vintage or shabby would be good for me xxx

FourHappyBunnies said...

I love the vintage eggs Jenny and your dresser looks very pretty. I would go for the vintage look too but it is so difficult to find pretty teasets at a reasonable price now. Anyway, it's beautiful as it is! have a lovely day tomorrow.
Lorraine xx

Dinki Dots said...

Your dresser looks great! I would love one, one day... but I think I would also struggle to think of how to make a display! (You seem to have managed it well!)

Love your blanket - looking forward to seeing it grow!

I'm so like you... I love being at home, all cosy and content - I'm such a home girl! Have a lovely evening!

Maria xx

Steffen said...

aww lovely! happy easter :) x

cupcakejojo said...

I agree, I like the addition of the meadow balances out the damson colour :) Love your vintage vibe so pretty! I can't wait until we move, if we ever move, so I can have a dresser and dress it!! Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend with your loved ones x

Jo x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

The colours in your blanket are gorgeous Jenny!
I love your new decorations, the rabbit is so pretty.:)
Isn't amazing what you find in the Pound Shop!!!
Have a lovely Easter and enjoy the chocolate,
Vivienne x

Jooles said...

Pretty easter decs :o)
i hope you had a lovely blankety evening x
love jooles x
P.S lots of mini eggs for me too...oh well the diet starts on tuesday!

Pink Milk said...

I rather prefer random dressers and think yours looks really pretty. The tea and egg cosies are stunning - are they a JA make??

Your crochet patchwork is looking just gorgeous - LOVE the addition of the green. I so do that 'popping in to gaze' thing too!

Have a lovely cosy evening.


magie said...

What adorable Easter eggs, they look lovely hanging on your dresser (I love your super cute bunting on there as well!).
Those mini chocolate eggs are very more-ish..the perfect Easter treat :)
Happy Easter to you!

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