Sunday, 26 February 2012

New things

Hello, have you had a nice weekend? It feels a bit odd to be here writing on a Sunday, I usually do my posts mid week... Now I know this was supposed to be the giveaway winner post, but I do have an apology to make - I may have to leave it for a day or two, I'm so sorry, as I have so much still to do this evening, and with all the various names/shares etc on my facebook page in particular, it is not just a case of doing the random number generator thingy like I usually do, it's going to take some serious name writing out I think!! But I promise I will do it in the next day or two.

Things are still quite busy, and I have commission work deadlines looming this week, as well as quite a few orders trickling in for Mothers Day already. I have also been trying to organise all my online shops a bit better and spent quite a while this morning sorting my Etsy shop out! It's been pretty much neglected since before xmas, I hadn't listed anything new for weeks and I hadn't even taken my Christmas products down. But I gave it a little spring clean and it's looking sooooooo much better!

I've also been making new pretty mirrors and lots of new cards in the last few weeks and have been working hard to get them all photographed and listed in my shops... it takes so much longer than you think to write all the copy and edit all the pics doesn't it??

So these are some of the new designs I've been working on lately...

'Jug of Roses' embroidered mother's day card, can be personalised with your own message, and can be found in my Etsy shop here

'Best Mum'embroidered card

Embroidered cupcake card, really for birthdays but as it can be personalised with your own message it could just as easily be a mother's day card too! 

 Birthday balloons embroidered card...

...and some new mirrors too.... how I love this fabric especially the turquoise!! I've actually been on a bit of a fabric buying binge in the last few weeks, with the excuse that I 'need' it all for my work.... so looking forward to lots of parcels arriving this week!

You can find them here and here

I also made matching magnets as I had quite a few spare bits of fabric which weren't quite big enough for mirrors but a perfect size for the slightly smaller magnets and badges!

So that's about it for tonight as I can't believe it's gone seven already, so quite short and sweet for once! Anyway hope you've all had a bit of sunshine these last few days... We've had lovely weather this weekend (makes up for the miserable weather last week when I was completely miffed as everyone else in the whole country seemed to have sunshine) but haven't actually been out much in it. It just makes such a difference to have the house lovely and bright with the sun streaming in the windows... Really hope Spring is on it's way and it's not just a little tease!

Anyway back soon with my giveaway winner news, have a good week xxx


Claire Donovan said...

Oh my goodness!!! I must visit. I adore your work

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Such beauties! they are lovely, I would love to get one of those mothers day cards! might need to leave a hint! :)

BuTtOnZ said...

gorgeous makes as always, i love your stuff and i think i may have to buy one of your mothers day cards!!

Pink Milk said...

Oh I'm so glad I discovered your blog - what prettiness!

Hooray for early Spring sunshine (even if it does show up every tiny speck of dust and dirt!).


Claire Donovan said...

Seeeee on etsy....

I think its nearly the easiest listing tool around. I basically have my copy written out completely n save in a text file so that when I only need to change a few details it;s there.

Plus if you copy most of your listings then listing your badges shouldn't have taken very long at all!

Pene said...

I spent hours this afternoon doing exactly the same thing!! Managed to get about half the stuff I planned listed then gave up with a headache, will resume chore tomorrow. I love your flower mirrors, maybe I'll treat myself once I've finished.

Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Hello Jenny...It's good to do a bit of Spring cleaning isn't it?...I've been doing the same with my blog...just tidying things up a little bit...I love all your new designs...It would be so lovely to receive such a special card on Mother's Day!
Good Luck with your counting up for the Giveaway and have a nice evening...put your feet deserve it!...x

koralee said...

Your cards are my dear are so talented...I adore the fabrics you use. xox

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Your new cards are gorgeous Jenny, really lovely designs!
The sun does make all the difference, I firmly believe spring is on it's way!
Good luck sorting all those names out! ;)
Vivienne x

Lucy Loves Patchwork said...

Hi ya Jenny, I would love to buy your card with the jug and roses but can't find it on your etsy and folksy stores. Could you let me know how I can order one? My mum will LOVE it!
Thanks a million, Adele

henny designs said...

Oooh how gorgeous it all looks!
Henny xxx

Helen Philipps said...

All your new designs are absolutely gorgeous, Jenny! I will be visiting your shop very soon! Love the new fabrics (and like you) especially love the turquoise one!
Have a great week, and hope you get all your work and sorting out done.
Helen x

Bee happy said...

Gorgeous work as always, so pretty :) have a happy week.

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Caroline Lovis (Redneedle) said...

The vibrant colours in your post have made me feel postively spring like. Lovely makes Jenny

LITTLE KITTEN homemade said...

Love the new cards Jenny!

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