Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A granny at 27!

I'm not really sure how to start this post, I'm kind of feeling a little quiet and lost for words today... just pottering around in my own little world...

The days seem like they are just rolling into each other at the moment, which is actually quite scary because we are already halfway through February! The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a blur of making personalised Valentines cards... I only had a couple of designs but they were really popular and they were taking up quite a bit of my time.

Things have quietened down quite a bit now though, which has given me time to work on a few new ideas... My personalised designs are by far my most successful, so working on the principle, 'if it ain't broken, don't fix it' I came up with these...

All of which can be found in my Not on the High Street Shop here.

Some are a little Valentines-y (have missed the boat as usual) but hopefully they will appeal to romantic souls throughout the year!

Anyway, talking of Valentines, did you do anything nice yesterday?? We don't make a huge deal out of Valentines day really but we kind of celebrated at the weekend instead with a cosy night in with a dvd which was nice (though very similar to pretty much any other Saturday night really!) We also don't give massive gifts to each other, though I was over the moon with mine... 

The amount I have harped on about these you would think I am being sponsored by them or something... (sadly not) but they are AMAZING! You heat them up in the microwave for a minute and they come out toasty hot.... they are absolutely the best present I could get as my feet are always little blocks of ice especially in the Winter, though I have a feeling these will be used all year round.

So my feet are now very happy :) Might go and heat them up now actually, I'm a bit chilly sitting here writing this.  Haha I am aware of just how much of a granny I sound these days! I will make an awesome granny one day though... I'll have had sixty years practise! 

Talking of grannies (see what I've done there) my granny blanket also got finished this weekend. It's been sat borderless for weeks now but I finally got around to it...

a proper ta-dah post will be coming soon, but for now here is a little peek of it all lovely and stripey

I fell in and out of love with it whilst I was making it but I am smitten once more. It's funny how I am drawn to such brightly coloured yarn, as with the exception of my studio which is nice and bright and cheerful, the rest of the house is so neutral! Will try and take some more close ups if we get a nice day later this week.

I actually also have my next blankety project all lined up in my head. I told Karl I was going to make another one, and his incredulous 'another one?!!!!' said it all. I think I am definitely a crochet-a-holic!

Anyway am off for now but am planning a giveaway later today so could well be back a little later on! Have a lovely rest of the week, hope you are managing to stay warm xxx

p.s another sign of granny-ness - I first titled this post 'A granny at 28' before I actually worked out that I am only 27 (I think). I seriously have a problem remembering how old I am... I actually have to count back the years in my head... doesn't bode well does it?!

p.p.s the giveaway post's now live, pop over if you have a minute! :)


Hannah said...

Your blanket is beautiful well done you :) I don't have the patience for such a big project. Love the slippers, I hate having cold feet too. Have a lovely week. Hannah x

Bridget Wilkinson said...

Your Blanket is just beautiful, i love deep colours as you will see if you look at my artwork. I too dislike cold feet, well cold anything so the booties look so snugly. well done on sticking to such a large project and finally finishing proud

Dinki Dots said...

I know what you mean - I'm already a granny too, and I love it!! :o) We'll be well practised by the time we actually are little old ladies!
I absolutely love your stripe blanket - the colours are amazing!!! I can't believe you fell out of love with it - I'm glad you're smitten again, it's gorgeous!
Maria x

magie said...

I am the same when it comes to trying to remember what age I am this year..the years seem to fly by, I lose track :P
Those slippers sound like the perfect gift..especially on cold winters days.
Love the blanket and the colours you have chosen (so bright and cheerful!).d

Bee happy said...

Love our granny blanket the colours are just so gorgeous together :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Artwork By Angie said...

I love your blanket - its so bright and cheery, just right for this dreary time of year...I must confess to having a little giggle at your feeling like a granny at 27!.. I'm fast approaching a milestone birthday, in less than two months time I will move up a market research bracket and all the little ads on my fb account will change from boob jobs to foot warmers just like the ones in your post! LOL!..enjoy being 27, do what makes you happy and don't regret a thing because take it from an older bird like me, time really does fly by!... as for me, I'm looking forward to my 'life beginning' in a few weeks time, bring it on!! ;-) xxx

Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

I agree Jenny...the first few weeks of the year always seem to fly by and at the moment I seem to be working hard but not at a point where I have a lot to show for it!
Love your pretty cards and your Granny blanket is beautiful in all those gorgeous rainbow colours.
Now...I need some of those slippers...(Is the weather ever going to warm up?)..they look wonderfully cosy!!
Susan x

Jooles said...

what a gorgeous granny ;o) such vibrant colours.
It made me laugh that you got your age wrong, sometimes i have to ask my husband how old i am, sad but true!
your cards are fabulous.
keep those toes toasty!
loev jooles x

Pipany said...

Hello Jenny. Your blanket is gorgeous! No wonder you feel inspired to start another. I am always the same as I get towards the end of a knitting project and can't wait to start something new.

So pleased to hear you have been so busy. Personalised things are my best sellers too and I am not planning to alter it either. Hoping the new catalogue brings masses of sales.

I want those slippers!!! xx

Rosa Lily (Pen) said...

Ha ha ~ forgetting your age is not a problem, I do it all the time :) Those slippers look fabulous and soooo warm, I really could have done with a pair a couple of weeks ago, I ended up putting a blanket over my feet (granny has set in with me to). Your blanket is so colourful and cheerful, I love it!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

It's great that you have been so busy Jenny. :)
I love your slippers, such a good idea!!
Your granny blanket is beautiful, you definitely have the crochet bug!!
Vivienne x

Kate (Leaff) said...

Well that made me laugh - I too regularly forget my age! And you are quite right, it doesn't bode well for us!

LittlemouseLilly said...

love the blanket and I am glad that I am not the only one that doesnt remember how old they are - I have to ask Mr Mouse

val Allen said...

Good morning Jenny, love your blanket. I have just finished my last stripe but have got the dolldrums over tackling all the ends! How did you get over this? Also what kind of a border did you do I wonder.
Glad to have found you from Lucy's attic, I shall pop back often now. I learnt to crochet many moons ago, but it is only Lucy's blog that has brought me to actually LOVING to crochet.
Have a lovely day!
Val xx

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