Saturday, 1 October 2011

a crafty week...

I couldn't help it... I've ordered more yarn for my next project....

I had told myself that I should leave it a few months before I even started thinking of the next project, especially if it was to be one of the blanket variety. I have just finished one after all. But it seems I have no self restraint and this week saw me ordering another load of Stylecraft Special DK this time for my very own granny stripe. (Actually I didn't have to order that much because I still had quite a bit left over from my first project which I will be using up.)

The colours in this one will be slightly different from the granny square. No green for a start. The granny square was very green, especially that aqua, and I need a change for this one. This time sees the introduction of yellow - which is funny as yellow is usually a colour I am not too fond of... but in this mix, it works so well. I think this saffron shade is really lovely actually, not too 'in your face' but nice and rich all the same.

There will also be quite a lot of blue and purple shades, alongside red, pink, yellow and white. My colour choice was made quite quickly off the Internet, which could have been a recipe for disaster, but I am actually really happy with how they all work together... there isn't one shade that I would leave out. 

I haven't actually made a start yet... Firstly cos I've been really busy this week and secondly as I'm not sure which colour to use first! I'm also not sure whether to create a colour run and repeat it over and over or just go for the random approach. I'm thinking the random approach will be best... But then I am conscious of making wrong decisions in terms of colour choices - unlike the granny square I can't just discard squares that I don't like so much, so I don't want to make any mistakes... I do worry too much don't I?? 

So... the colours I will be using this time are...

Sherbert (1034)
Denim (1302)
Aster (1003)
Midnight (1011)
Cloud Blue (1019)
Turquoise (1068)

Clematis (1390)
Wisteria (1432)
Grape (1067)
Plum (1061)

Pomegranite (1083)
Lipstick (1246)

Fondant (1241)
Candyfloss (1130)

Lemon (1020)
Saffron (1081)

White (1001)

17 in all... I've tried to pick a mixture of dark and lights to add contrast as well as just choosing colours I liked. Hopefully they will look good together when they are all striped up next to one another! Anyway, I'll let you know when I have plucked up the courage to begin :)

So apart from admiring my newly stocked yarn basket, I've been busy sewing away this week. I've been making up more stock of my butterfly mirrors...

and lots of flower ones too...

I've also been working on some new Christmassy designs...

These are some of my new button designs - they are so tiny -the small ones are less than 3cm in diameter, so pretty fiddly to work on, but I do love it! Will also be revealing new xmas mirrors and badges quite soon too :)

This week I also tried some ideas out for a new product but frustratingly it just didn't work out so in the end I abandoned it. I know it's part of the process but I hate spending time working on things which don't work out.... it feels like such a waste of time if I spend all day working and trying but not actually getting anywhere... but heyho, my Christmas designs I've been doing have worked out well, so can't complain too much!

Anyway, better go but hope you have all been enjoying the lovely Indian summer...It's been so lovely hasn't it? Better than the actual Summer! Have been sewing barefoot and everything, windows and doors wide open, sun streaming in... I've actually been too hot for a change. Long may it last :) Back soon xx


Rosa Lily (Pen) said...

The colours you chose are wonderful. New products have to work for you and you have to be happy with them, it didn't work out, it doesn't matter, what you made here more than makes up for it xx

Annie said...

That is a gorgeous colour combination :D I know the frustration of projects that don't work out, but as you say it's all part of the process ... you learn a lot from so-called failures I find !

Isobel said...

I could just jump into your blog and just go all "awwww" to those yarns!! They look delicious!!

millefeuilles said...

How exciting! A brand new project! The yellow looks good.... and so do those wonderful butterflies you embroider.

Have fun Jenny.

Helen Philipps said...

Hello Jenny! Love all your yummy yarn gorgeous your stripy blanket is going to be!! And I also really love your new butterfly and flower handbag mirrors, they are just beautiful. Have a happy Sunday!
Helen x

Caroline said...

Ooooh what lovely colours!! So calming. Love the granny stripe idea, was thinking about that for my new wool. xx

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Hi Jenny!
Just trying this to see if it works for me. If you're reading this it does! ;)
Vivienne x

Emma Thomsen said...

I love your choice of yarn, the colours remind me of chewitt sweets or opal fruits - creamy coloured yet juicy (I wish I could crochet). And more of your lovely badges, my daughter LOVES your butterfly badges I won (all that time ago now). She wears them all the time!

crafts@home said...

Hi Jenny,

I can't wait to see this new blanket, you'll have it finished in no time now you've got the bug.... your new work is as gorgeous as ever :) Sometimes if something isn't working out, it's best to leave it, and let your brain work through the problems and when you go back, it might work, although occasionally it just isn't worth spending anymore time on it at all! Have a great Sunday :)
Sue Xxx

Biba said...

I absolutely adore your designs!

Mary Jane's TEAROOM said...

Hello Jenny....I just love these colours and am sure a beautiful granny stripe blanket is on the way my friend!...
All your new designs are so pretty...and I know how frustrating it can be to feel you have wasted so much time...I can't tell you how often this happens to me but I tell myself it is a means to an end and still progress in a not so obvious way...sometimes it works....!
Hope you have a great start to your crochet blanket....ooh still envious!
Susan x

Andrea said...

Hi Jenny,

Lovely use of colour for you new blanket, it will be just gorgeous.
Love your new Christmas buttons and am looking forward to seeing the new magnets and badges for Christmas.
Have a great week. I hate it when you spend alot of time on something and it doesnt work! but you have to try!!
Happy making,
Andrea x

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Lovely Christmas mirrors and badges, especially the Christmas pudding!
Isabelle x

Brooke said...

This is my first visit to your wonderful little blog, and I am head over heels for those sweet buttons! They are scrumptious! I especially love those Christmas designs you are working on. Quite fun.

That yarn looks promising for a cozy and busy fall!

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