Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Hello, it's been a while! I've had a lovely time soaking up the sun for the last few weeks but now back in rainy England, with my tan hidden under jeans and a big thick cardie! Not impressed with the weather I've come back to at all!

We went to Lagos again on the Algarve in Portugal like last year but for three whole weeks this time. I totally got into the relaxed, laid back way of living... a little lie in every morning, then a bit of sunbathing, lunch, a potter about, maybe a siesta, beach for a couple of hours, then maybe drinks in town... No real pressure to do anything and time to just sit and chat... lovely!

I also managed to get my tapestry finished - at last - feels like I've been doing it forever! Really pleased with it, just need to get it framed and I will do a little ta-dah post on it :)

The beaches around Lagos are really lovely and there are loads to choose from... we tended to go down in the late afternoon when the sun wasn't quite as hot. Sometimes we would just walk along the shore, other times we would set up camp for a couple of hours. I did go in the sea a few times but it is so COLD being the Atlantic that I really couldn't stand it for more than a few minutes at a time!! 

Picked up loads of shells too... really pretty ones which I just had to bring home in the suitcase. It's funny, out of the two main beaches we went to (only a couple of miles from each other around the headland) one had so many shells you were falling over them - there were literally hundreds and hundreds - and the other had none at all. Quite weird since they are so very close. 


Also went out a few times at night into the town for a meal or just drinks... and always passed this old fashioned carousel as we waited for taxis. Sadly I didn't actually get to go on it, (most of the occupants being under five) but I could still admire the pretty lights! Isn't there something so magical about old fashioned fairground rides... Those lights have me captivated!
So all in all it was a really lovely break and a much needed one after the stresses of moving...etc. Back home now though and it is really nice to be back, except we currently have a broken boiler which  annoyingly means no hot water :( Hopefully it's being fixed in the morning, fingers crossed! I hate not being able to shower, I feel so grubby even after one day! Urgh... 

Still got lots to do this week around the house too. Because we went away so soon after moving, I've come back to lots of boring paperwork and post which needs to be dealt with. I've also got quite a few pairs of curtains to make this week for the lounge and bathrooms which currently just have temporary hangings up. Hopefully I'll be able to remember how to make them without too much trouble, not made anything more complicated than pencil pleat before!

So anyway what I'm actually getting around to saying with all this is that I'm going to be keeping my shops shut for another week or so just to give me time to get myself sorted before I start thinking about the 'C' word!! Arggh... how on earth are we back here again, feels like I've only just stopped sewing puddings and presents and it's nearly time to get them all back out again. Madness!

Anyway thanks for visiting as always, back soon x


Cajame said...

Great photos - it makes such a difference to have beautiful uninterrupted sunshine doesn't it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny, lovely to hear from you!
Looks like you had a wonderful time, what a beautiful place. :) Your shells are pretty, I could beach comb all day long! I have to agree with you on fairground rides, give me hobby horses any day, I'm really not a big dipper kind-of-girl.
Vivienne x

Jooles said...

Hello jenny....lovely to have you back :o)
so glad you had a wonderful holiday and a good rest, definitely needed after a house move!
hope your boiler gets mended quickly
jooles x
P.S gorgeous photo's

Rosa Lily (Pen) said...

I think the "C" word is on everyone's mind :(
Looks like you had a fab time and so relaxing, bet you dont want to do any work now? xx

Polly Dolly said...

I can't wait for the "C" word, I am looking forward to putting this year to bed and starting a fresh year with no more dramas. Also autumn and winter are my quiet months at work, a great time to recharge my batteries.

crafts@home said...

Wonderful photos :)Lovely to have you back again, Glad you had a super holiday, once you've got over the initial shock of being back you will be so much more refreshed and raring to go.... 3 weeks, how wonderful, We had to have a new boiler when we moved, we did have an electric shower though.... but how I wanted to rest my weary bones and have a long hot soak......
I can't wait to see your completed tapestry :)
Sue Xxx

Stephanie said...

Dear Jenny,

Welcome back! Good luck with all the tasks you have to wade through now you are home and enjoy making your new house into your home.

Helen Philipps said...

Weclome back Jenny!!! Your photos are so gorgeous...I love the bright blue sky, that special bright holiday light you've captured, and the clever layout too. I love the fairground picture - so magical and exciting somehow to me (even as an adult!) and especially when it's getting dark and the lights are shining. Hope you get your admin sorted quickly, and your hot water is back on too!
Helen x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Sounds idylic Jenny! I love how you have done your photos I am a collector of shells too. Each holiday I get a vintage fish bowl and put the shells from that holiday into it with a luggage label with details of the hol. I have Pinned it in 'My home'.

Thank you so much for your lovely comment, have a brill bank hol! You never know, we may get sun! lol!xx love Annie xx

Eadaoin said...

Lagos sounds like it was just heavenly Jenny, exactly what a holiday should be, just pure relaxation :) It's nice to see you back blogging after a little break! I hope the return to work and life after holidays isn't too tough x

Inspiredbyfelix said...

Ooo that holiday looks perfect! Also wanted to say thanks for your comment on my blog, couldn't reply directly because you're a no-reply blogger so I'm doing it here instead :) Thanks!

artesdejanine said...

HELLO, i m from Portugal Algarve, i love your photos and your work. If you need contact me artesdejanine@gmail.com for us to speek :O)

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