Thursday, 25 August 2011

Behind the times... (as usual)

It may be old news to some of you but then I am quite often a little late to these things! But better late than never... I am now officially part of the Pinterest club! 

I first heard of Pinterest a couple of years ago, right when it was all shiny new, but didn't really understand it so didn't get very far with it at all. Then over the last few months, it seemed to be cropping up more and more, in blogs, on twitter, even in magazines. Lots of people were raving about what a great resource it was for collecting and collating images together. 

So a month or so ago, I signed up, waited for my application to be approved (which seemed to take ages??) and got pinning. The hardest pin was the first one, I didn't know what to choose or what to caption it with! Bit like writing a first blog post I suppose ;)But now I've got into my stride, I'm away. 

So far I think I've got about twenty boards, though not got that many images on each so far. Some of my favourite boards so far are fairgrounds, hearts and my inspirational spaces board - so many pretty workspaces to be found here!

Although one thing I don't like or find that easy about Pinterest is that it is really difficult to find people on it. Lots of people I know through blogging, twitter etc are apparently on it, but I can't for the life of me find many of them... the search box doesn't seem to bring them up, especially if they have slightly funny usernames. I've found the best way to find people is to look down the followers list of other people! Anyway, if you are on there, and can find me, let me know and I will find you back :)

So I am now well and truly hooked! I am trying to keep my boards as beautiful and inspiring as possible, and only pinning things I really like instead of just any old image that takes my fancy. 

I just love looking through other people's images and collections too. Isn't it funny how you can tell so much about a person and their personality through the images they have chosen and the way they group them together? I find it fascinating. I wonder what my boards say about me? Something nice I hope :)

Be warned though if you are thinking of joining the Pinterest bandwagon, it swallows up a lot of time. I have spent hours probably already cruising around people's boards looking at pretty pictures! You have been warned, hehe! 

Anyway, have a super bank holiday weekend, hope you are doing something nice? It just so happens to be my birthday this weekend (am turning the grand old age of 27) so hopefully we are going for a nice day out in Bath... fingers crossed the weather is kind! x

p.s... hello to all my new followers, lovely to have you here. Seems that whilst I was away I have snuck over the 300 mark - shall have to do a little giveaway to celebrate very soon so keep popping back!


Aldona said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you have a nice Bank Holiday weekend :)
I had my profile approved for Pinterest but haven't used it yet! I love it as you can store all the beautiful images in one place :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny, I just applied to Pinterest the other day, not that I know what I'm doing or anything. It's taken me ages to get the hang of Facebook and I think my kids would say that I haven't quite yet!! :)I have found some of my baking on Pinterest which surprsed me I have to say but I totally agree with you there are some lovely images on there. I'll have to check yours out!
Happy Birthday for this weekend (my hubbies too), I hope you have a wonderful day!!
Vivienne x

Anonymous said...

I love Pinterest! Love these photos too - there's so much to browse through - it'd mind-blowing! Have lots of fun in Bath, very envious, I just love that city and enjoy your birthday! We discovered Hall & Woodhouse which we loved for lunch, great decor, but I'm almost old enough to be your mum!

Jill ( said...

Pinterest certainly does take up a lot of time at first, but then I find only a few minutes a week to add new ideas etc... and it is such a great source of inspiration...surely it isn't time wasted...I'll try to find you :)x

Jooles said...

such beautiful images :o)
I have dipped my toe into pinterest but i couldn't really get to grips with it, think i need to spend a bit more time there maybe.
Happy birthday for the weekend you little spring chicken, you!
jooles x

Rosa Lily (Pen) said...

Already follow you on Pinterest, I know what you mean when you say its hard to find people, I just look on other peoples follow lists and try to find them! I love to look at other peoples crafts - fascinating! Have a lovely birthday and a great w/end in bath (lucky you!) xx

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

I know what you mean Jenny, many people use their full names and often we do not know bloggers names! I do what you do and look down lists although it is not the greatest way to do it!

Isn't it fab though! I have gone through my favourites list and transfered it to Pinny so that if I change lappy I am not without anything! Yay!!! See you there xx

Gem said...

It is soooooo addictive. I have just started following you on there, your boards look lovely xxxxx

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Jenny, have you 'searched' for friends through your Twitter list. Look under People and then Find Friends and it shows all your Twitter friends on Pinterest. Thanks for Following by the way! X

♥coco rose♥ said...

It's very addictive isn't it?! I spend far too much time on there, but it is a wonderful place to find inspiration and keep all your favourite pics in order and in one place. Yes, it is difficult to find friends on there as people use their names, but as you say, looking at others lists helps.

Happy pinning and have a super Bank Holiday Weekend!!!!!

Vanessa xxxxx

Anonymous said...

I'm also a recent convert. It's so much fun. Like shopping without money! I've told my other half that he can use it for my Christmas wishlist!!

Helen Philipps said...

Happy Birthday, Jenny! Have a wonderful time in Bath, such a lovely place! I do have a peek on Pinterest but at the moment haven't time to do much more ..but I'm sure I will!
Helen x

Annie said...

You're right, you can quickly become a slave to Pinterest if you're not careful. I use mine for pinning things I encounter on the web and want to remember, and don't actually spend too much time on the Pinterest site itself. I have a link to my Pinterest boards on the sidebar of my blog and that seems to work quite well re. people finding me. Not sure how accurate a representation of me my pins are though ... there seems to be a ton of stuff relating to housework and such and I so do not do revel in anything that keeps me stuck in the kitchen or wrapped in a pinny!
Oh, and Happy Birthday :)

buttonboxcards said...

Hello Lovely lady, welcome back! I am now following you on pinterest!
I have been very slack recently on pinning, blogging etc. Its that time again at work when the madness begins with designing the new seasons, late nights and bags under my eyes are inevitable (boo!)
Hope you had a fab holiday x

Teje said...

Hello! Happy Birthday!!!
You have really lovely blog with so beautiful crafts! I 'found' you from Julia. I have seen your icon in comments but as you said how much everything takes time, I haven't visited you before - shame on me because I have lost. I shall follow you now on! I know a little bit about pinterest but I try not to begin with it because I think I need that time to visit my blog friends!
I wish you lovely weekend and I'll go to enjoy more of your lovely things!

Mary Jane's TEAROOM said...

Happy Birthday Jenny!
I'm having a lovely Summer break until my girls leave for university but couldn't resist a little trip to my favourite blogs today....I really must have a look at Pinterest...I'm just a bit put off by the word 'addictive' that I keep hearing....I've got too many of those already lovely friend (fortunately all creative though!)
Susan x

crafts@home said...

Happy Birthday to you! 27, you lucky thing! hope you had a great time in bath :) and lots of lovely birthday pressies :)
Sue Xxx

Country Rose said...

I too seem to have become addicted to Pinterest, although I love it. So many gorgeous pics to inspire you and it's great how they all link back to the original source.
Hope you had a lovely birthday!

Ashley xxx

michellemadethis said...

LOVING Pinterest but I'm the same - I find it so hard to find bloggy peeps - it's not very clear at all. Not that that stops me going on there and wasting hours and hours - but it's soooo loverllleeeee :o)

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