Thursday, 16 June 2011

'Granny corner'

Karl has now nicknamed part of the lounge 'granny corner'. In this particular corner, I have my sweet little button back chair, my yarn basket and all the squares I've made so far laid out all pretty beside it. Oh and a tapestry cushion on the chair too - to be honest it does look like it belongs to a little old granny but I don't care one bit, I love my little corner!!

Anyway I have slowly been making progress with the granny squares and am getting very slightly quicker at each one, though they still take me quite a while to do. I haven't had that much time this week to be spending on it though, but have managed at least one a day for the last week (Sunday I did three!!) That's my target, one a day, as I don't think realistically I will be able to find more free time than that at the moment! I have to admire my willpower actually because I'm still at that 'just starting' a project phase that I want to be doing it all the time... but I have to have time to earn some pennies too!

So I now have 11 squares, whoop! My colours are completely random, I'm just putting colours together as I go, but then I think for this sort of blanket, it suits that kind of approach. I don't want it to be too regimented and as long as the colours overall go well together I think it'll turn out good! As you will see, I'm doing 6 round granny squares, including the edging which is an aqua colour.  My tension naturally seems to be quite tight so they don't look too big which I thought they might by adding the edging...

The thought has crossed my mind that I probably have enough for a small cushion cover now... but no, I am going to continue until I have enough for my blanket! I'm guessing at the rate I'm going it will be a good 3 or 4 months before I am anywhere near finished, though I'm hoping to be able to get going with it a bit more when I go on my hols in August (depends how much yarn I am able to squish into my suitcase though!)

Also, in other news this week, I have been awarded the Kreativ Blogger award by the lovely Maria at Dinki Dots Craft, thank you so much, I really do apprectiate it! Apparently I need to tell you 10 more things about myself for this one... will take a few days thinking of them if you don't mind, not sure I can rattle them off the top of my head! 

I also won Artwork by Angie's giveaway this week too :) I'm hoping people don't start to think there is something fishy going on - it is my sixth  blog giveaway win of the year!! I honestly don't enter that many giveaways (though when I see a good one, of course I'm going to enter!) but am just on a lucky roll I guess!

Anyway, who I am to complain with lots of lovely goodies being sent my way, it's fab! By the way if you don't know of Angie yet, make sure you go check out her blog - her designs are lovely and she also does lots of re-branding so if you want a new look for your blog/wesbite, she is the lady to call on :)

So I think that's about it for today, but I do hope you like my granny squares so far (please be nice, since it's only my first project!) Have a super weekend, I will be back soon with my 'interesting' facts! x


-YAMMA said...

This is so nice!
I love the colours!
Nice blog
Follow and comment and I'll follow back?

Dinki Dots said...

You are very welcome! :o)

The granny squares are looking great - I love that aqua colour, so pretty! It definitely doesn't look like a first project, so neat!

Maria xx

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Gorgeous colour tones!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Very very happy! Loving the color pallet too x

fee @ chipper nelly said...

oooh yes - very neat (and lovely colours)
and well done on award and giveaway - I'll be sure to check out that blog - looks up my street.
I'm all over the place with my time management at the moment - too many heads on. Need a meeting with myself to sort it out!
fee x

Jooles said...

Jenny those granny squares are AMAZING :o)
i'm still striping along at the mo, but loving it, i think squares will be my next project. I love your colours.
Well done on the lovely give-away and can't wait to find more out about you
j x

Poppy said...

you are doing so well with the blanket, it's looking gorgeous. I’ve just started a new blanket.

Keep up the good work! :0)

Lou xxx

Jean-Mary said...

Your colours are gorgeous! It will look amazing when you've finished!

Rosa Lily (Pen) said...

Everyone has to have a special "corner"! I think the last time I made "granny squares" I was a teenager (100 years ago) and I think you have done a fab job!!! x

Supercutetilly said...

LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT.........I soooooo want a granny blanket just like yours, the colours are perfect and I'm sure you'll be finished before you know it !! xx

Anonymous said...

Wow Jenny, I am impressed, are you sure you haven't done this before!! They're brilliant and I love the colours, especially the aqua! It's going to be a great blanket. :)
Have a wonderful weekend!
Vivienne x

Helen Philipps said...

Your blanket is sooo beautiful, Jenny!! I really love the colours and it looks so neat!! I agree, granny blankets should be lots of colours and random (so you do need a lot of colours which I haven't yet got!) I can't wait to start mine now! Congratulations on the blog award and the lovely giveaway too. Happy hooking!
Helen x

crafts@home said...

Those granny squares are very accomplished, they are beautiful, and a wonderful selection of colours! Lucky you winning so many giveaways and also the blogger award :)
Sue Xxx

VintageVicki said...

Am loving those grannies - as a very new crocheter my rate of production is slow but am getting quicker. When I finish my cushion I have a long term blanket making plan :)

Mary Jane's TEAROOM said...

Well done Jenny....I have crochet envy here....your squares look so pretty and I love the colours!
Wishing you a lovely weekend,
Susan x

Nelly said...

Hi Jenny,
Thanks for stopping by my blog, your kind words made my day!
You have too many nice things on here, I need to spend some time checking out your shops - could be very dangerous!
Nelly xxx

Jacquie said...

Hi Jenny , I love your granny squares . The colours are so you and so pretty :0)
The aqua edge is perfect...this is going to be such a great blanket !!
Jacquie x

Sconch Textiles said...

Wow - for someone who has only just learnt - and even for someone who has been doing it a while - this blanket is GORGEOUS! x

Tracy Evans Textiles said...

Wow, you never stop! Loving the crochet, never learnt how to do it but my mum has recently caught the bug and is beavering away on little squares just like yours.....except yours are much prettier! Your blog looks so amazing, need to get some lessons from you xxx

Prettee Craftee said...

Hi there, cant remember how I found your blog but really enjoying reading it. Your granny squares are amazing, so neat! Good luck with your blanket.


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