Friday, 24 June 2011

10 things about me!

As I mentioned a little while ago, I was recently given the Kreativ Blogger award by the lovely Maria at Dinki Dots... Thank you again Maria - I am really honoured to receive it though I have to say that I don't find writing the '10 things about me' type posts that go with them that easy... but anyway, you hopefully may learn something you didn't know about me if you read on!

* I would love, love, love to live by the sea. I have lived in a lot of places but all of them inland. One of those creative, higgldy piggldy Cornish villages would suit me just fine thank you… oh how I would love to be able to stroll to the seafront, paddle in the waves, and smell the sea air every day. I am so very envious of anyone who is living this dream already.

* I do have quite a controlling and frankly obsessive personality (bordering on OCD). It's not that I compulsively feel the need to clean/wash/tidy etc (though I don't like living in a mess), I just need to be the one who decides where everything goes. I don't like things being out of place, and am constantly moving/re-arranging things which have been left out or put down. I can imagine I am highly irritating to live with!

* I absolutely hate bright artificial lights (unless I’m in the supermarket or something and then it really annoys me if it is too dim and I can’t see anything!) My favourite lights at the minute are my star fairy lights. I have them on all day every day and just love the warm glow they give off, so much nicer than an overhead light… (and don’t even get me started on strip lights!)

* I have a major phobia of big black spiders. I can deal with little ones ok, but the biggies bring me out in a cold sweat and absolute panic if I find them. I heard a few years ago that spiders were scared of/don't like conkers (something to do with the smell I think??) so last year I had Karl searching under all the bushes on his way home from work each night to fill his pockets with conkers. We now have them placed strategically all around the house. I have to say that it has worked so far. Though of course now I have written that I expect they will come out from their hiding places in droves.

* I really want to start collecting glass cake stands. I have a few now but really want to start a proper collection. The main reason (apart from the fact that I think pressed glass is just so pretty) is that I recently bought a gorgeous new dresser, but cannot decide what I want to display on it. I have come to the conclusion that nothing I currently own looks very good on it. Whereas a lovely collection of glass cake stands would be just the thing...

* I would love to learn the art of stained glass. I really want to make a stained glass door or window (am aiming big, no little sun catchers for me!)

* I find art galleries boring. OK that’s not strictly true – I have been to some really amazing exhibitions that I have very much enjoyed. What I think I mean is that I find (most) ‘fine art’ galleries boring. I remember traipsing round some of London’s most prestigious and famous galleries on various school/Uni trips, looking at room upon room of portrait paintings in big ornate frames, not being able to talk in more than a whisper, and just being utterly bored and totally not inspired. How very glad am I that I chose to go down the ‘creative’ art route as opposed to the ‘art history’ route, which I was considering at one point.

* I am constantly cold. I have not yet put my winter coat away (well the weathers been rubbish lately hasn’t it) and I always sleep with a hot water bottle – even in the summer! Even if I am hot when I go to bed, I know by 5 in the morning, I will wake up shivering and will be glad of the little warmth it is still giving out.

* I like reading but only really ‘chic lit’ that is easy to pick up at a moment’s notice… no real concentration or thought required. I read my favourite books over and over. Actually it is weird, considering what a perfectionist and overall super neat, tidy, careful person I am, I make a real mess of my books. I read them in the bath so the pages get all stuck together and wrinkly, I bend the spine back and somehow half my books end up with pages missing where they just fall out. Whereas Karl’s books still look like they should be in a shop even when he has read them cover to cover. 

* I appear to have a ‘cup’ obsession. We have far more cups than we will ever use, even when we have visitors over. But yet I still will keep on buying more. I also seemed to have developed a polka dot obsession – nearly everything I have bought/drooled over recently has been spotty!

So there you have it, I hope you enjoyed learning some random facts about me! Now I know this is the point that I'm supposed to pass the award along...

It's always so difficult to know who to forward it too as I've discovered so many lovely new shiny blogs lately (plus I know some people prefer not to do the whole 'blog award' thing at all). 

A couple of my favourites that I always read though are Button Box Cards and Chipper Nelly. So ladies, the Kreativ Blogger award is hereby passed to you :) 

Anyway hope you all have a lovely weekend... I think I am off to Bath in the morning as I need to do a little fabric/ribbon shop for a couple of projects I've got on (such a chore I know!) Hope you have fun whatever you are doing xxx


fee @ chipper nelly said...

(I already have one I haven't respondd to yet but I'm going to be geedy and accept this one ungraciously too!)
I loved your ten things and feel the urget to fully comment (/avoid the housework for ten more minutes - after all I work better under pressure)
1)By the sea - oh yes please. Currently feeling painfully surburban
2)OCD - nothing at all to be ahsamed of - share it with you
3)lights - the darker the better. Apart from shopping in Hollister with boys - then I need a torch (how uncool?)
4)spiders - no beef with them
5) glass cake stands - beautiful. And you can then start to collect little collections to put on them
6)galleries - can't remember the last time. Now thinking I would take anywhere quiet
7)Constantly cold - YES! and I've got my fair share of blubber. V annoying.
8) stained glass - make sure you follow this dream - you would make stunning things (for when the crochet obsession ends!)
9)need a challenging book - just so I don't spend the whole time thinking 'i could write this'!
10) cups and dots - yes, absolutely. Could have tea with the whole village with some to spare!

Now feeling fully commented - loved learning more about you! Will defo do my proper response post this weekend. (pinky)
Happy weekend - and thanks again. feel honoured.
fee x
(still no ducks - boo)

Dinki Dots said...

It was lovely finding out more about you! Again, more things in common!! I too am always cold! I often wear socks to bed - then if I get a bit warmer, I'll take them off and "squirrel" them under my pillow for when I get cold again later! The cup thing too - I am truly obsessed - it seems that I can never satisfy my desire for pretty or funky mugs/cups... I love 'em! It's an addiction!

Thanks for the message by the way... I know, things have been a bit crazy for me lately - but hopefully something exciting and wonderful will happen because of it all! (Fingers crossed!)

Maria x

buttonboxcards said...

Wow!! Thanks so much for nominating me Jenny-i am grinning ear to ear and am very flattered! Yay! Do I do 10 things about me on my blog? Is that how it works?
Thanks again-mwaaaa!x

Jooles said...

what a lovely post :o)
oooh to live by the sea..that would be so nice
I too have a big love for cups..old cups and saucers and emma bridgewater baby mugs...oooh i just love them, although i am running out of space, drives my husband insane.
Never mind!
lovely to find all these things out about you x
j x
P.S fairy lights are the best.

Helen Philipps said...

A very interesting post - lovely to learn some more things about you! I feel the cold too! and hate spiders and am always tidying things up (not so much my own things though!) and ..we do have a lot in common! Hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy choosing beautiful trimmings in Bath.
Helen x

Anonymous said...

Good to find out some new things about you Jenny.
We are similar in many ways, OCD, pressed glass, cups and lighting but I quite like spiders, I once was allowed to handle a tarrantula!
Vivienne x

Supercutetilly said...

Lol...oh Jenny, I too find *fine art* gallery's quite boring as I do *abstract art*, but I don't think I have ever said that out loud until now, it really made me giggle reading this bit. I have to admit that I also have too many cups, I drink far too much tea but have favourite cups. Lovely post..maybe one day you will live by the sea *sigh* at least I hope you do....Nic xx

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post! I am lucky enough to live in Cornwall only 2 min drive from Porthleven (not the village in the pic but very similar) and it is really beautiful down here we are lucky enough as well to have a really good crafting and art scene. I too hate spiders they are horrible and I am also always cold, every night summer or winter I sit with a blanket and in the winter I wear extra layers, have a blanket a hot water bottle and a hot drink its crazy but I just have to be warm and cosy. Saying the winter is absolutely my favourite time of year! I hope you get to live in Cornwall one day it really is inspiring and I know us crafters down this way would love to have you around!

liz said...

wow,Iam the same on most of your points, I'm always cold, galleries are boring(& i have a degree in fine art!)I leave near the sea, have way too many cups, espec cath k, and i collect cake stands, just cant help myself, i just dont have time to read chic books but love gardening and home mags and books

liz x

Poppy said...

It was lovely to read more about you!

I haven’t been to Bath for so long, I must have a shopping trip soon.

Have a lovely weekend....

Lou xxx

sbmillefeuilles said...

Oh my goodness, what a wonderful post. I too feel as if we have much in common: a phobia of spiders, a dislike of fine arts museums together with a (slight) obssession with putting things away and soft lights to name but a few. I lived by the sea (our house was 15 metres away from the waves) in a small fishing village in Normandy. (Our cottage is for sale at present ;-) )It was truly fantastic even with the bracingly cold winds in winter but I missed not having greenery and a garden around us.

And here's a resounding hurrah for another cup collector. I love them maybe because they are an affordable form of art and I love coffee and tea.

Have a great week.

ps How's the crochet going? ;-)

Mary Jane's TEAROOM said...

Quite a few things in common here Jenny....I would love to live on the coast...I do collect glass cake stands..your pic looks strangely like my collection!...I love hot water bottles...and polka dots...anywhere..Oh and my books are a bit messy too but I think that's the sign of a loved book!
Hope you have a lovely day in Bath..
Susan x

Nelly said...

You are so right on the lighting thing. I really have an issue with bad lighting, I find it can completely ruin / make the atmosphere of a good restaurant and when staying at a hotel the first thing I do is run round getting it right (i.e nicely dimmed, the kind of light that makes you look about 10 years younger with amazing skin)
Nelly xxx

crafts@home said...

I hope your going to show us your purchases from Bath, lovely post, nice to know a bit more about you :)
Sue Xxx

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