Thursday, 28 April 2011

A good spring clean!

My little studio had been getting messier and messier for the last few weeks - which really gets me down. There were piles of fabric everywhere, with ribbons, papers, buttons, receipts, bank statements and all sorts of other things all jumbled up everywhere I looked! 

Although I'm usually a complete neat freak, I am a messy worker - I like to be surrounded by everything as I design, but it is so tempting at the end of a long day just to do a cursory tidy up, put everything into piles and close the door! Especially as more often than not I know that I will need it all again the next day.

But last weekend, I decided to have a complete spring clean, and it looks soooo much better now, and so much more lovely to work in...

I sorted out all my cottons into my vintage letterpress tray where I keep many of them.

I then set about tidying my fabrics... I bought about 30 clear plastic baskets and sorted all my fabrics into them by colour. I also made 'scrap' boxes for each colour with all the tiny fabric scraps I had lying around, which I can use for my applique designs.

I also organised all my stock into plastic boxes and sorted all my badge, mirror and magnet components into separate baskets too so they are all easily to hand when I need them.

I then organised all my sequins and jewels into individual compartments in various plastic containers and baskets. I also sorted all my jumbled up bags of ribbons into individual little grip seal bags to make them easier to find - yes I really was that pedantic - once I got going with it all, I just couldn't stop!

There is just something I find so satisfying about having everything all neat and ordered again. It's amazing how many things I found that I actually had forgotten buying! So I am going to try my very best not to mess it all up quickly because I really do find it so much more pleasant and productive to work in.
Anyway, thanks as always for popping by, hope you all enjoy the Royal wedding tomorrow! I for one will be watching the coverage on telly with a couple of friends (didn't know this til this morning though so not really planned anything special!) Have a wonderful long weekend too, let's hope it's another sunny one xxx


Helen Philipps said...

Hi Jenny! Well done on tidying up your studio - mine is in the state you described in your first paragraph! Yours looks beautifully organised now. Next week I hope to tidy mine up too! Hope you have a lovely weekend, and enjoy the royal wedding!!
Helen x

crafts@home said...

How wonderful to be so organised again, I am trying to organise my fabric and stuff at the moment............. it just gets to that stage where you can't find anything you want :(
Have a wonderful day tomorrow, with your friends and have a great weekend :)
Sue Xx

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Wow Jenny, I am impressed! Everything is so neat and tidy and extremely colurful too, I might add. :)
Enjoy the wedding and have a great weekend too!
Vivienne x

Supercutetilly said...

Lol, you sound just like me !! Looks wonderful but I do wonder how long it will take for one of your pins to sneak into your cotton reel tray?
P.S You have shamed me....I will have to tidy mine now, lol,
Nic xx

LITTLE KITTEN homemade said...

Oh I now feel very guilty, my sewing room is in an absolute mess, I really must add tidying to my To Do List.

Enjoy the wedding xo

Andrea said...

Hi Jenny,
How tidy you are now! puts me to shame as my work space is messy both at home and work as I am a very messy worker too! I am going to tidy it all up though as I have two days off.
Hope you enjoyed the Royal Wedding, it was so lovely. Enjoy your bank holiday weekend,
Andrea x

Eadaoin said...

Lovely to have a look around your studio Jenny, I like how everything is arranged by colour :) Wasn't the royal wedding lovely! I watched it at an event run by an Irish wedding blog, was so nice to talk weddings and girly things for a few hours!! Kate looked gorgeous, what an amazing day it must have been for her.

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