Friday, 25 February 2011

A lovely week...

Have had a bit of a disjointed week work-wise, not that I've minded too much! The beginning of the week saw me working on an exciting commissioned project (not allowed to say much at mo though). Then the last few days my mum and sister Harriet have been visiting. We hardly ever see them, so it was so nice to spend some time with them! 

Went shopping in Bath on Wednesday, including afternoon tea in the Pump Room - how very civilised, hehe. We also took a trip to the city of Wells yesterday, which is really pretty with some lovely little shops and a stunning Cathedral.

I didn't buy that much in Bath except some new jeans but I did pick up these little cuties from New Look of all places! I appear to be developing a full blown 'love heart' obsession and I just couldn't resist these plasters to add to my collection. There are three different designs saying 'love hurts', 'kiss it better' and 'ouch' - so sweet!

I also bought this cute toast stamp - a post Valentine's bargain, but I've wanted one of these for ages, so it was a good find! Have yet to test it out, but I will post a pic when I do.

I've also made a couple more mirrors this week - the same as my little personalised 'I love...' badge actually. I am featuring for the first time in the Not on the High Street Spring Catalogue which comes out next week (eek - not feeling very prepared!) so I thought a co-ordinating handbag mirror would be a good idea! The couple of prototypes I have designed have now gone to good homes:)

I hope to have them live in my NOTHS shop soon. They will be £6.00 each and will come in a little ivory organza bag to keep them clean.

Mum and Harriet left this morning to drive back to Shropshire but the rest of my day hasn't been that productive! To be honest, I'm in the mood just to have a weekend off and start afresh on Monday but I have lots to prepare for the catalogue drop next week, so I think in reality I'm in for a weekend of ironing fabric and cutting out backing cards! Hope you all have a good one though... What are you doing, anything nice? 

Oooh nearly forgot but before I go I must say a massive thank you to Anna at SilverPaw, who makes the most lovely jewellery - pop across and check out her work, it's beautiful! Anyway, she was kind enough to award me the Stylish Blogger award last week - very flattered indeed though as I received it not that long ago, I won't bore you all with more facts about myself so soon;) Was very much appreciated though, so thank you again Anna!



Helen Philipps said...

Love the Love Hearts plasters - I'll look out for those, I need some too! I'm glad you've had a lovely week with your mum and sister - it's often hard to get back in the work groove when you've had a relaxing break - for a while you sort of forget where you were when you stopped! Your work is very beautiful and professional. I'll have to acquire something of yours soon, it's all so pretty.
By the way, I'm so glad you liked the cupcake cases with the mini chocolate eggs in - I loved them so much, and took lots of pics (in fact I'd just added the pink one to my side bar when I saw your comment about them!) You are very welcome to use the idea too! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Helen x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Hi Jenny
How lovely to be able to spend some time with your Mum and sister! Bath is such a beautiful place.
Love the new handbag mirrors, a great idea for Mother's Day.
Have a great weekend!
Vivienne x
P.S. My word verification was 'knity', how brilliant! :)

Scented Sweetpeas said...

oohh can't wait to get that NOTHS mag drop through my door, sounds like some fab people are in it :-)

Eadaoin said...

Love heart plasters, amazing! Love it :) Did I show you the love heart stamps from Etsy? I think you may have seen a link I posted on Twitter, but if you didn't let me know and I'll send it on to you cause you'll love them! Glad you had a nice time in Bath, you have me craving scones and jam now. Also, when you use the I Heart You toast stamp you absolutely must post a photo, I need to see it!

Poppy said...

Hi Jenny,

I love going to Bath, I haven’t been for ages!

Gorgeous handbag mirrors.

Lou xxx

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