Sunday, 6 February 2011

Hearts, hearts and more hearts...

A few of my bloggy friends have been showing off their hearts recently and I couldn't resist taking a few snaps of some of mine! Now I have nowhere near as impressive a collection as Becky over at Dots and Spots, who has so many she's had to split her posts by room! Anyway, here are a few of my favourite hearts from around my house...

Cute heart measuring spoons - I bought these from here a few months ago, and love them, they make the boring 'measuring out' bit of baking so much more fun!

This is my favourite ever mug - my OH gave it to me a few years ago for Valentine's day and I use it at least once a day without fail. If I ever break it, I will cry.

This is a lovely linen heart given to me by a good friend, so simple but lovely all the same.

Heart cookie cutters... I think these are adorable, especially the tiny one! The pretty heart tin has to be the best thing about them though.

Lovely big red tin heart - have got cream versions of this too!

Cream hanging wooden hearts, given to me by another friend for a birthday a few years ago!

A pretty wire heart hanging in my studio... use it to pop little notes and photos on (took them off though so you could make out the heart shape!)

Green spotty wooden hearts hanging in my kitchen at the minute. I really love this eau de nil colour, I have a lot of it around!

Lastly, this heart was made for me by my younger sister when I was in hospital years ago. She would only have been 4 or 5 at the time, but when she gave it to me, I stuck it to the back of my hospital bed and have kept it ever since!

So there you have some of my favourite hearts - I do have more, including lots of christmas decoration hearts, but they are all packed away now and could not face getting them down just to photograph!

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend xxx


Julia said...

They're all so lovely, but I had a little heart-melty moment when I saw the last one!

Julia x

Emma Thomsen said...

I heart them all! ;)

Anonymous said...

They're all so pretty but I love the simple linen one best! :)
Vivienne x

BuTtOnZ said...

I love these hearts, they are all fab. The mug has to be my favourite though.


clare said...

Hi x
Love them all...esp the mug off your hubby!
and of course the gorgeous painted heart off your sister x

I too love hearts and making them...i try and hang as many as i can in the home..esp being as im the only female surrounded by 3 males in the
TFS hugs clare x

home made gorgeous said...

Hi Jenny, such a lovely collection of hearts! The one from your sister is so sweet, and I have to say I really love those green wooden ones! Sarah x

Hannah @ BubbleBay said...

Love the spoons i'm going to see if I can get myself some, and it's lovely that you've kept the heart from your sister, so sweet bless her xx

kirsty said...

I like the cookie cutters and the special one from your sister! I spy a familiar fishy in your photo too!

Helen Philipps said...

Hi Jenny Lovely to see some of your hearts and to note we have some the same too! I bought those lovely little pink and red spoons at an art gallery shop last weekend - they are so yummy looking! I've also got a wire heart but mine is cream - I think we need tiny little photos to look right on that one! I love the cookies cutters! Have a great week. Helen x

Julia said...

Hello! Me again!

I just wanted to send you a link to those alphabet stamps you asked about in my blog post today - I got the small typewriter alphabet set:

...and you will need one of those clear acrylic mounts to stick the letters on for these alphabets (you probably sussed that out!):

Hope that helps, and thank you so very much for writing such a kind comment :)
Love Julia x x x

james kelli said...

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