Tuesday, 1 May 2012

An all sorts week...

It's been a funny sort of few days here. I've been getting quite a few orders through but for a real random variety of items, so there's been lots of different things being made.  I've also been trying to get my Father's day range up but the weather's been so awful that I've not had a chance to photograph anything yet!

I have added a few bits to my shops recently though...

'London Bus' mirrors

I am actually quite in love with this fabric! I haven't gone to town with making Jubilee products as I don't want to be left with lots of unsold stock afterwards so this is my token effort! I thought the London bus would be the most popular but so far I've sold an exact equal amount of both designs. Do you have a favourite out of the two??

I've also been concentrating on handmade personalised cards in the last few weeks. I've nearly completely changed my entire product range on Not on the High Street in the last few months, taking off products that haven't sold that well (or ones I was bored of making!) and trying out new things. I only get to have thirty products live at any one time, so I'm trying to make the most of them!

Thanks for all your lovely comments about our garden by the way! The weather has been awful this weekend though, torrential rain and such scarily strong winds that we have not ventured out there at all since I took these pictures. The grass has not been laid two weeks yet though so it's giving it a good chance to root before we start walking on it! It is still growing fast though, in fact at the moment it is looking gorgeous - the sun is shining and making it look extra green! Come on Summer!!

Anyway in other news... I finally started using my Debbie Bliss yarn! 

I'd been sat looking at it for a couple of weeks whilst I worked on my other patchwork blanket (so must get around to taking some pictures of that one soon!) I didn't want to rush into anything since I only have one little ball of each I couldn't afford to be making mistakes, but eventually I gave in and started making.....

...mini hexagons! Aren't they just so sweet?

They are made with Jacquie's pattern, except I've added an extra round to make them a little bigger. They're not joined yet, just laid out so I can see the colours together... They're destined to become a cushion cover for our sofa... the softer more muted palette is just right for our living room and I'm really loving working with these colours though I am missing the brights a bit! You might notice though that I took out the brighter pink from the pictures above, it just didn't quite sit right somehow as I really want a muted vintagey look with this one, like an old (but much loved) patchwork blanket...

I've made 32 hexagons so far, not sure how many I actually need, probably double that so it will take a little while to finish yet. Although I did a lot of them on Saturday, I've only been doing a couple in the evenings since, though hope to make some more tonight. They're really quick to make, though I find that if I'm not concentrating properly I tend to miscount the stitches!

Right I best go, as I am trying to clean up my computer this evening too. The one I do all my image work and blog posts on is my super ancient desktop as the screen is better than on my laptop. But it only has 70GB of disk space in total including for all the programs so it gets full so quick (my image files are always huge!) I have copied everything onto an external hard drive and am now going through it and trying to delete what I can. I have to do it every few months, which is really quite tedious but I'm fed up of the 'C drive full' message popping up every two minutes! So far today I've deleted 19GB but I want to see if I can clear off just a little bit more!

Anyway have a great rest of the week, back soon xxx


::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

So make such beautiful things Jenny. You make want to buy your all your stuff and inspire me to craft more too.
Ali x

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

I love what you decided to do with your yarn. Your hexagons are so pretty! :)

fee @ chipper nelly said...

oooh wool envy (and off to a yarn shop tomorrow....hip hip)
My head came out the sand today in the post office and it wasn't pretty! Seriously? 74p extra for a single flamin' block??? what the?
fee x

somewhere on the avenue said...

Trouble with the Jubilee items is that there are so many of them around, mind you the quality of yours far exceeds some of the other items ive seen, just beautiful xx

greenrabbitdesigns said...

I love that London fabric Jenny, your little mirrors will be great for the Jubilee and the Olympics too!
Your baby cards are so cute. :)
But how I love your hexies, they are gorgoeus, the colours really, really lovely!!
Vivienne x

cupcakejojo said...

OOooooh lovely, inspiring makes! I love your mini hexies and the yarn is so gorgeous :) looking forward to seeing your finished cushion :)

x x x

Helen Philipps said...

Love the London fabric, Jenny! Perfect for your mirrors, and I love both the designs so don't have a favourite! I've got some of the fabric too but haven't decided what to use it for yet...better hurry up though! Your new crochet hexies are so adorable and so very neat and perfect! They will make a lovely cushion for your room.
Have a happy week, hope the sun is shining on your lovely new grass now!
Helen x

♥ Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Hello Jenny...I love your new mirrors and think they will sell all year round!
Your cards are fab as always...the one with the little baby shoes is so cute..
Beautiful yarn...Ooh,I'm feeling those twangs of crochet envy so have to leave now!
Hope you are having a happy week,
Susan x

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Great mirrors ... perhaps the success of the palace guard is the inclusion of the Union Jack.

And the cushion is going to be gorgeous :D

Jooles said...

hello :o)

oooh your cards are so pretty.
Oh no you've made me want to start a new crochet project...naughty Jenny....you have made yours far too pretty...i love those colours.
hope you computer house work went well.
love jooles x

Caroline said...

Hi Jenny,
Everything you make is simply beautiful and I am in awe of your very pretty hexies! I think it's the muted colours you have used, they are just my kind of colours and would look fab in my house!! Looking forward to seeing the finished article. Note to self - must learn to crochet!
Love Caroline xx

MrsP said...

Ive given you the Sunshine Award...pop over to my blog to have a look xx

formula wanita said...

Those are so pretty. I agree, pink and red go so well together. I look forward to seeing what you end up doing with your crochet hearts :)
Have a lovely day today..
natural crystal x
crystal x
crystal x asli
I think you mean Portsea! :)

Unknown said...

Love your cosies Jenny...so pretty and congratulations on another lovely feature!...Crochet hearts?...Ooh, I feel my crochet envy coming on again!
Hope you have a lovely weekend,.
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