Friday, 26 November 2010

It's giveaway time!!! (Ended)

Well I've been promising it for AGES now, so finally here it is... my festive giveaway!

On offer as the main prize (all to one lucky 'fan') is a lovely Christmas-y package of goodies, including a handmade snowman decoration, a set of
handmade Christmas pudding buttons, and a pack of six of my best-selling printed Christmas cards (3x Christmas Trees and 3x Reindeer).

To take part in my giveaway, pop over to my facebook page for 'Jenny Arnott Textiles'.

All you have to do to enter is 'like' my page, and leave a comment (post dating 26th November) telling me what is your favourite thing about Christmas. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!!

Though for an extra chance to win, I am also offering a special little extra prize for the person who sends the most people to my giveaway - whether it be through blogging, tweeting or suggesting to your facebook friends!

This last bit isn't a total necessity to enter, but if you do, then it could easily be you who wins the (very lovely) special mystery prize, so make sure you spread the love :) Just make sure to tell people to mention you sent them!

The giveaway is open internationally and the two prize winners will be picked at the end of Friday 3rd December GMT, so you only have a week to get your entries in:) Good luck ladies x

Sunday, 21 November 2010

My Sunday afternoon project...

This might be a bit of a random post, but I thought I would write about what I have been making this afternoon! Do you like it? I finally, finally got round to making up this cushion ou
t of a tapestry I did in the Summer. I really love big vintage rose prints, so was instantly drawn to this design, which is called 'Blooming Roses'. I had actually been outbid at the last minute on Ebay for this exact design, but I later found it on the Ehrman website in the sale for much less than I was bidding, total bargain! It is quite small when made up, about 12 inches by 13 inches, but fits my little button back chair just perfectly.

I'd never done any tapestry or cross stitch (apart from in primary school a million years ago) until my auntie gave me a kit at the start of the year. But I really loved it, and it became a borderline obsession that I did in every spare minute I had! I didn't get a lot of work done in those couple of weeks, and so this one I actually took on my summer holiday to Portugal. I might have looked a bit silly doing tapestry on the sun lounger and at the airport, but at least I wasn't being distracted during 'work' time! Anyway, it's taken me ages to get around to finishing it off, but I'm glad I did as it looks so very sweet!

I'm not really sure exactly what it is that I liked so much about doing this tapestry. I just found it really relaxing and such an achievement to have finished it (it took a lot of patience, good job I have a lot of it!) Many needlepoint designs around still seem to be quite old fashioned, I guess because this type of thing is traditionally done by little old ladies! However, with people like Kirsty Allsopp championing crafts and the handmade, crafts like tapestry do seem to be becoming a little more fashionable and there are now some great contemporary designs available too, like those at Granny Knits, which are very fab and funky!

So anyway I am now once again on the lookout for another kit... maybe in time for Christmas, hint hint! There are a couple of 'sampler' type designs which I do have my eye on, but I guess we will just have to see what Father Christmas brings, haha! x

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Christmas is coming...yay!

It's definitely starting to feel fes
tive around here with the occasional Christmas song now on the radio and all the twinkly lights that are appearing in the shops, I do totally love this time of year! Although I started on my xmas products way back at the beginning of May - crazy world - this week the Christmas production line here also seems to have stepped up a gear as people have evidently started their Christmas shopping. I must admit I actually started mine this week too, which is very organised I know, no more rushing around present-buying on Christmas Eve for me this year!

My sewing machine still seems to be holding up, thank god, so have bee
n sewing lots of Christmas badges and buttons this week...

I did have a lovely chilled out day yesterday though with some good friends visiting. We took a walk in the afternoon, tramping through the muddy fields up the hill to the Dovecot and then back up through town, with a little look in some of the shops. I've got a complete and utter weakness for buying pretty tree decorations, I just can't seem to stop myself, and I ended up buying three little wire beaded hearts to add to my ever growing collection. They are ever so pretty, I can't wait to get the tree up this year!

Today though I've been working hard designing and making some new Christmas-themed lavender bags, featuring Christmas trees, puddings and holly. Will be taking pictures of them som
etime this week but for now here is a peek at 'work in progress' of my tree design, which I think is my fave of the three.

Anyway, here's hoping you've had a good weekend too and are enjoying the festive atmosphere that's starting to creep in everywhere! Look out for more info on my Christmas-y giveaway coming up soon too - hopefully I'll have a bit of spare time at the end of this week to work out the details...

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Look what I've won!

Well the last couple of days have actually been a bit rubbish... Nothing major, just lots of little things seem to be going wrong! Mainly my sewing machine which after 8 years of being good as gold, now seems to be on the blink. Have spent a long time faffing about changing fuses and lightbulbs, with a couple of heart stopping moments when I thought it had packed up for good! It is working at the moment, but for how long is anyone's guess. Yesterday I also managed to hit myself in the face with the freezer door, broke my favourite unpicker and got rained on when I went to the Post Office, so not a great day in all. However, there was one thing to cheer me up in my times of woe... this cute little hamster!

A couple of weeks ago, I entered a giveaway on Emma Thomsen's blog It's All About The Fabric. It was an unusual giveaway as the challenge was to work out what a 2D pattern would make when it was all sewn up. To be honest, I'm not very good with patterns, and I quite often just make things up as I go along. My guess (and it was a complete random guess) was a mouse... and it turns out this was the closest to the correct answer, which was a hamster! So Emma has very kindly made up this little chap for me. It is all handsewn and you can really see all the care and attention that has gone into making it; such a cute and thoughtful giveaway prize, so thank you very much Emma! x

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Wonderful Giveaways!

It's been a busy couple of weeks, but I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know about a couple of fabulous giveaways that are running at the minute. First up is Kirsty Elson Designs, who is giving the chance to win three amazing prizes on her blog, including this very sweet pair of fabric robins, sitting proudly on their cinnamon stick perches.

The lucky winner will also get a lovely 'fish' keyring, made from one of Kirsty's beach-combing finds, and this gorgeous driftwood boat, complete with pretty fabric flags.

The winner will be picked on Monday 8th November, so visit Kirsty's
blog now to find out how to enter!

Next up, is Emily Parkes, whose lovely blog
I have followed for a while now. She has just opened her Etsy shop, and to celebrate, she is giving away a beautiful handstitched cupcake artwork, displayed in an embroidery hoop... so pretty!

Emily's giveaway ends on Sunday 14th November, and there are 4 different ways you can enter, so make sure you pop over to her blog now to take a look...

I hope you enjoy both of these giveaways - I have entered both and have my fingers crossed, you never know!

p.s just to let you all know I will also be doing a big Christmas giveaway of my own soon on my Facebook page... make sure you keep your eyes peeled for more details :)
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