Thursday, 25 August 2011

Behind the times... (as usual)

It may be old news to some of you but then I am quite often a little late to these things! But better late than never... I am now officially part of the Pinterest club! 

I first heard of Pinterest a couple of years ago, right when it was all shiny new, but didn't really understand it so didn't get very far with it at all. Then over the last few months, it seemed to be cropping up more and more, in blogs, on twitter, even in magazines. Lots of people were raving about what a great resource it was for collecting and collating images together. 

So a month or so ago, I signed up, waited for my application to be approved (which seemed to take ages??) and got pinning. The hardest pin was the first one, I didn't know what to choose or what to caption it with! Bit like writing a first blog post I suppose ;)But now I've got into my stride, I'm away. 

So far I think I've got about twenty boards, though not got that many images on each so far. Some of my favourite boards so far are fairgrounds, hearts and my inspirational spaces board - so many pretty workspaces to be found here!

Although one thing I don't like or find that easy about Pinterest is that it is really difficult to find people on it. Lots of people I know through blogging, twitter etc are apparently on it, but I can't for the life of me find many of them... the search box doesn't seem to bring them up, especially if they have slightly funny usernames. I've found the best way to find people is to look down the followers list of other people! Anyway, if you are on there, and can find me, let me know and I will find you back :)

So I am now well and truly hooked! I am trying to keep my boards as beautiful and inspiring as possible, and only pinning things I really like instead of just any old image that takes my fancy. 

I just love looking through other people's images and collections too. Isn't it funny how you can tell so much about a person and their personality through the images they have chosen and the way they group them together? I find it fascinating. I wonder what my boards say about me? Something nice I hope :)

Be warned though if you are thinking of joining the Pinterest bandwagon, it swallows up a lot of time. I have spent hours probably already cruising around people's boards looking at pretty pictures! You have been warned, hehe! 

Anyway, have a super bank holiday weekend, hope you are doing something nice? It just so happens to be my birthday this weekend (am turning the grand old age of 27) so hopefully we are going for a nice day out in Bath... fingers crossed the weather is kind! x

p.s... hello to all my new followers, lovely to have you here. Seems that whilst I was away I have snuck over the 300 mark - shall have to do a little giveaway to celebrate very soon so keep popping back!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Hello, it's been a while! I've had a lovely time soaking up the sun for the last few weeks but now back in rainy England, with my tan hidden under jeans and a big thick cardie! Not impressed with the weather I've come back to at all!

We went to Lagos again on the Algarve in Portugal like last year but for three whole weeks this time. I totally got into the relaxed, laid back way of living... a little lie in every morning, then a bit of sunbathing, lunch, a potter about, maybe a siesta, beach for a couple of hours, then maybe drinks in town... No real pressure to do anything and time to just sit and chat... lovely!

I also managed to get my tapestry finished - at last - feels like I've been doing it forever! Really pleased with it, just need to get it framed and I will do a little ta-dah post on it :)

The beaches around Lagos are really lovely and there are loads to choose from... we tended to go down in the late afternoon when the sun wasn't quite as hot. Sometimes we would just walk along the shore, other times we would set up camp for a couple of hours. I did go in the sea a few times but it is so COLD being the Atlantic that I really couldn't stand it for more than a few minutes at a time!! 

Picked up loads of shells too... really pretty ones which I just had to bring home in the suitcase. It's funny, out of the two main beaches we went to (only a couple of miles from each other around the headland) one had so many shells you were falling over them - there were literally hundreds and hundreds - and the other had none at all. Quite weird since they are so very close. 


Also went out a few times at night into the town for a meal or just drinks... and always passed this old fashioned carousel as we waited for taxis. Sadly I didn't actually get to go on it, (most of the occupants being under five) but I could still admire the pretty lights! Isn't there something so magical about old fashioned fairground rides... Those lights have me captivated!
So all in all it was a really lovely break and a much needed one after the stresses of moving...etc. Back home now though and it is really nice to be back, except we currently have a broken boiler which  annoyingly means no hot water :( Hopefully it's being fixed in the morning, fingers crossed! I hate not being able to shower, I feel so grubby even after one day! Urgh... 

Still got lots to do this week around the house too. Because we went away so soon after moving, I've come back to lots of boring paperwork and post which needs to be dealt with. I've also got quite a few pairs of curtains to make this week for the lounge and bathrooms which currently just have temporary hangings up. Hopefully I'll be able to remember how to make them without too much trouble, not made anything more complicated than pencil pleat before!

So anyway what I'm actually getting around to saying with all this is that I'm going to be keeping my shops shut for another week or so just to give me time to get myself sorted before I start thinking about the 'C' word!! Arggh... how on earth are we back here again, feels like I've only just stopped sewing puddings and presents and it's nearly time to get them all back out again. Madness!

Anyway thanks for visiting as always, back soon x
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