Friday, 27 January 2012

Happy Spring Colours!

This week has been a funny old week, a bit disjointed really - I'm kind of glad it's nearly the weekend! I finally managed to shake off my cough and cold, felt like I had it for months, but now Karl has caught a sickness bug so fingers crossed I won't come down with that too! I shouldn't complain really, as since I've been working from home I very rarely get ill - since am usually holed up in my little studio where germs can't seem to find me! Guess it's just that time of year.

Anyway, I've been busy with lots of different projects this week, including a couple of secret commissions which will hopefully be used for a new craft book later in the year. I've also been sewing lots of hearts and 'love you' things in time for Valentines and making up a new order for one of my favourite stockists Andrea Willis Designs.

But I've also been doing quite a bit of sewing and making for me this week, in fact I'm totally on a roll! Although I don't tend to make proper lists of New Years resolutions, one thing I did want to try and achieve this year was to make more time for creative projects for myself, my family and the house. Although I am sewing and making nearly every day, most of it is destined for other people, whether it be orders or commissioned work, and finding time and motivation to actually make something for myself is more difficult than you might think, life just seems to get in the way! 
Anyway last week I received a lovely parcel of fabrics from the States including some of my most favourite fabrics, all pretty colours, spots and florals.... so gorgeous, I still love the Flower Sugar designs so much!  Plus I didn't get charged any import tax which I thought I was going to, which was a major plus and one of the reasons I'd put off ordering from the States for so long. Not sure whether I just got lucky though, as I'm sure from what I gathered from the HMRC website I should have been charged... Oh well not complaining!! Fabric is so much cheaper over there even with shipping costs that it really is worth it.

Mmmm aren't they just so pretty? :)

Anyway, so I decided as a spur of the moment thing that I wanted to sew a picture for the kitchen! I just woke up on Sunday morning with an idea in my head, there wasn't too much planning, and I made it up as I went along really but I love how it turned out. I used a little wadding and stapled it to one of my canvas frames and hey presto, we have a new picture! We've hung it on the duck egg blue wall and it looks so pretty! It does make the kitchen look even more girly than it did though which I feel a bit bad about but I don't think Karl really notices what I've done about the place half the time!


There is something so very satisfying about making something for yourself, I don't know whether that's just me? In fact I might make another similar picture for the opposite wall as there is a little stretch of bare wall which is crying out to be filled!

Whilst I was on a roll and full of enthusiasm though, I also made some 'happy' bunting for the dresser and some pretty little magnets for the fridge. Now Christmas is well and truly behind us, and the house is becoming lighter and brighter with each day, I am filled with the urge to decorate it with cheery Spring colours... am so excited that the warmer, lighter days are coming again, I can't wait for Summer, I'm fed up of being cold all the time!

I also started to make a patchwork cushion last night but I'm a bit annoyed that I've got my measurements wrong and it is going to be too small for the pad I had in mind. Might just add a little border, or make it bigger and use a bigger pad, not sure yet!

 Still loving these fabrics...

There was also a big squeal of excitement here last week when I got hold of this month's Crafts Beautiful magazine (Feb issue), and saw my little house pin cushion has made it on to the front cover! A few of my recent projects have had little spots on the cover but this is the first time anything I have designed has been made the main picture - so pleased!

Here is a little peek at the project itself...

Don't wait too long if you want to catch this issue as I think the next one will be out soon, and for more crafting ideas, go to

I actually got sent a picture yesterday from a lovely lady who had been inspired to make herself a needlecase using my tutorial - it means so much to me when I get feedback like this, to know that people like my designs and that I have been useful/inspiring, it is one of the best feelings! It is the same when people give lovely feedback about their orders - I don't think they realise how much their kind words mean, but it really is appreciated.

Anyway, this post has taken me ages to write and I'm now starving! Think I will go sit and have a little tea break whilst admiring my new picture :) Hope you have a lovely weekend, thanks as always for popping in to read my ramblings,

Jenny x

p.s I know Blogger is being really weird lately with comments - Just a tip I've found is if you refresh the page/blog post it seems to sort itself out and the comment box re-appears! Don't know if it will solve all the problems people have been having but it's worth a try! xxx


fee @ chipper nelly said...

Google just told me I couldn't leave a I'm trying again!
Congratulations on the front cover my clever (clever) friend. And I love your kitchen picture. L.O.♥.E
Wish the tennis would hurry up and end so I could get back to the workshop!
fee x

Jacquie said...

Wow , I LOVE your picture Jenny .
So pretty and the roses it the jug are just a brilliant idea ...gorgeous.
Have a great weekend
Jacquie x

LITTLE KITTEN homemade said...

Jenny, your roses are gorgeous!! Love the bunting, no surprises there ha ha! What a productive week, you put me to shame xo

Katie said...

what fabulous refreshing colours to see on this seemingly dull drizzly day. thank you xx

Kit said...

wow, you have some beautiful things on your blog

greenrabbitdesigns said...

You have been busy Jenny! I love everything about your picture, the little dropped leaves from the roses, the stacked bowls, the biscuit barrel, cupcakes, all of it is so pretty!
Gorgeous cushion cover and bunting too!!
Well done on getting the front page, not surprising though. :)
Have a lovely weekend, maybe you'll have another picture to show us next week!
Vivienne x

cupcakejojo said...

Oh so a gorgeous post with such gorgeous makes!!! Love it all muchly :D Congrats on the magazine front very exciting!!!!

Hope you have a good weekend x

Jo x x

Jooles said...

woweee have been supersonic this week!
what beautiful things you've been up to, i adore your kitchen picture, it is just beautiful.
oh and how could i forget to congratulate you on your front page looks beautiful
have a happy weekend
love jooles x

Helen Philipps said...

This post is so gorgeous, Jenny!! You know I share your love of flower sugar fabrics and think the colours are so delicious....and what wonderful creations you have made with them!! Your picture is absolutely beautiful (be sure and let me know if you ever make any to sell.) And your patchwork is so pretty too! Well done on being on the front cover of Crafts Beautiful as well! Your work is always lovely and I really do enjoy seeing it.
Have a happy weekend.
Helen x

Emma Thomsen said...

OOh love the picture for your kitchen, super colours! I know what you mean about import tax. I sometimes think about asking the seller to reduce the price of the fabric and add the balance onto the shipping - but think twice as it seems a bit dodgy. It's not that I begrudge the Tax as its usually minimal, its the £8 admin charge and delays caused. Congratulations on the frpnt cover - great work!

debbie @ happy little cottage said...

Hi Jenny! WOW!! I just love everything in this post! The applique is so happy and gorgeous and how I wish I could do that!! And congrats on the magazine! How fun! Happy weekend xoxo Debbie

Deborah said...

Congrats on the feature :) love the fabrics and your picture is so cute! I have the same domestic goddess mug :) have a wonderful weekend sweetie

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

moonstruckcreations said...

Fantastic fabric and makes. Congrats on the magazine - must try and get a copy!


magie said...

I just love the bunting and the picture you did for your kitchen. .it is just adorable! I think the picture would make a great print or a card for people to buy :)
Such pretty fabrics!

Maria - A Playful Stitch said...

Absolutely love that picture for your kitchen - I wish I had one!!!
Maria x

Country Rose said...

Oh wow! You Have been busy this week haven't you!
I don't know how you find enough hours in the day! The picture you've sewn for the kitchen is so so pretty, I wish I was as talented as you at sewing and could make something like this myself.
I bet your kitchen is looking just beautful with this gorgeous picture up on the wall!

ashley xxx

millefeuilles said...

Hello Jenny,

How lovely it is to be back and to see this beautiful post you have put together. Don't you find a good, long post can take quite a bit of time and energy to write? This one is worth the effort! Your kitchen picture is GORGEOUS! A theme which is close to my heart: cups, tea, cakes! Yummy!

I really hope you haven't caught the gastric bug. I live in dread every January that my children will catch it at school and can be heard repeating again and again 'don't forget to wash your hands'.Poor children; mind you so far the simple act of washing hands really seems to hold the germs at bay.

Fingers crossed for you Jenny. Spring is on its way and I have found a little early spring in this post of yours written on my youngest daugter's second birthday.

Have a peaceful, creative weekend.


Claire said...

Oh Jenny, you have such an eye for colour and detail your pic is wonderful..... Could I ask where you get your beaut fabrics from. I have never ordered online but maybe it's time to treat I really need more fabric !!

Congrats on making the front exciting you must've felt. Your pincushion houses are so cute.

Well done on winning Jooles giveaway too..........

Claire X

Andrea said...

Hi Jenny,
Well done on the front cover, a really lovely project in the magazine as always.
Your picture is just beautiful and I bet it looks just perfect in your kitchen.
Hope you don't catch the bug!
Have a happy week and thankyou so much for the mention!
Love Andrea x

Polly Dolly said...

Hi Jenny, I did see your latest works on twitter this week and thought they were gorgeous. I love the fabric. You inspire me xx

claire said...

Wow - what a jammed packed blog post! My eyes are popping with all the gorgeousness to take in :)
I love the fabric picture you made... and then bunting AND a patchwork cushion. What did you have for breakfast that day! Lovely.

♥ Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Hello Jenny!...I'm glad to hear that you are feeling much better now...Your work is wonderful...I love your fabric picture (you must do more!) and your happy bunting...I agree, it is so nice to make something for your self now and again...
Hope you have a lovely crafty week!
Susan x

Pomona said...

You have made some lovely things - it is a really pretty range of fabrics. I must admit that I have never been charged tax on fabrics from America - I have never had more than an envelope's worth, but it can be quite a few yards. Perhaps they only go for the boxes!

Hope you stay fighting fit now!

Pomona x

Country Rose said...

I tried to reply to your comment on my blog but it says your a no-reply blogger! So here's my reply..!

Thank you very much Jenny. I know, the scissors are so so cute... I'm debating whether or not to go back and get myself a pair!

Rose's jabs went okay... lots of screaming of course. The type of cry you don't usually hear - heart breaking!

Thank you :-) She is a very smily girl but does have her not so lovely moments. Not very often... but we've quite a few tears recently as she's had a bad cold.

It's So cold here, apparently the snow is supposed to be on it's way tomorrow!

Ashley xxx

Poppy said...

Congrats on the magazine cover! And as for your picture.....WOW, I do love your work.

Lou xxx

Sandra (Cherry Heart) said...

Thank you so much for joining me on my journey to a PCH! I've added your link to my site and I just popped by to wish you good luck and have a nice look around while I'm here. I think I'm going to enjoy it, I see some lovely things already!

S x

Georgina Giles said...

Hi Jenny,

Your stitched picture for your kitchen is really lovely :)


Jessie Fincham said...

oh your little kitchen wall hanging is so cute! Where did you order your gorgeous lecien fabrics from in the U.S.? I always find their shipping really high..
Jessie, xo

Anonymous said...

Your picture is beautiful, I want one!


Jacquie said...

Your kitchen wall hanging is so inspired and sure have an eye for putting fabrics together in such a pleasing way :)

I came to your blog via Facebook and I am so impressed with your beautiful items. I'll be following your blog too....I am an admirer more than I am a crafter but I'm hoping I'll be inspired by looking at blogs & craft pages and get the confidence to launch out, just for myself mind, not to sell.

formula wanita said...

Those are so pretty. I agree, pink and red go so well together. I look forward to seeing what you end up doing with your crochet hearts :)
Have a lovely day today..
natural crystal x
crystal x
crystal x asli
I think you mean Portsea! :)

Unknown said...

Love your cosies pretty and congratulations on another lovely feature!...Crochet hearts?...Ooh, I feel my crochet envy coming on again!
Hope you have a lovely weekend,.
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Anonymous said...

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