Sunday, 13 January 2013

New Year, New Website!

Well I didn't keep my blogging resolution last year despite all my best efforts did I?! But I just had to pop in today because I have a sparkly brand shiny new website and I can't keep it under wraps a second longer!!

It's been a work in progress for quite a while but I'm so pleased with how it has turned out - it's clean, fresh, colourful and easy to use and I'm so happy with the design and layout, I think it really reflects me and my style which is just what I wanted. 

It's made me realise just how far I've come over this last few years since I had my old website built. I have practically changed my whole product range since I started out but things are very much going in the right direction now so it's definitely onwards and upwards!

If you've got a few minutes, do pop over and have a nosey, I would love to know what you think! xxx


greenrabbitdesigns said...

It looks great Jenny, wishing you every success with your business in 2013!!! :)
V xxx

Rosa Lily said...

Colourful, bright and professional. All the best for a successful 2013! xx

Crafty Lou Louise McLaren said...

It looks brilliant, bright, shiny & professional!!

Jooles said...

HEY JENNY!! it is so lovely to hear from you, I was only thinking about you the other day x
I have had a lovely look around your shiny new website and it is FABULOUS!
love jooles x

Primroses Attic said...

Jenny your website is soooo colourful, well done & good luck.

Helen Philipps said...

Hello Jenny! It's lovely to see you! Your new website is gorgeous. Good luck with all your new adventures for 2013.
Helen x

Emma said...

Hi Jenny
Love the new website! I'm the same with my blogging! Also trying to get my site up and running this year for little girls special frocks.
Happy 2013 x

Nelly B-K said...

Website Looking lovely. Have just found you again after my old blog failed completely, finally got caught up finding my 'old' favourites to read,
Nelly x

Lloyd Frenz said...

Great job on the website, Jenny! When it comes to a business, I think it's very important to give first-time visitors a good impression of what you do with the first page of your site, and I think you've accomplished that with your design. It's simple but has everything potential clients need.

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Jessica Allen said...

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garden features said...

What an amazing blog post to read!! You made my day!! Well done!!

agend said...

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Tim Patridge said...

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