Saturday, 26 May 2012

Cards for daddies and some red, white and blue!

Hello.... isn't this sunshine just glorious?? I LOVE it! I am very much a summer girl and I love to feel the heat. I am super pale though so can't really go out in it without a very high SPF on, but I am loving not being cold all the time.  And the sunshine just makes everything seem more cheery doesn't it, I always get out of bed with more of a spring in my step if it's sunny! I dug out both my flip flops and the suntan lotion today - ooooh I love the smell of sun tan lotion don't you? Reminds me of the beach! 

I've been out in the garden doing bits and bobs this week, mainly planting up the other flower bed with geraniums and petunias and mowing the lawn - yes get me, I can now mow the lawn! AND I changed the blade all by myself! Believe me, it was an achievement :D Tomorrow I hope to get rid of a load of the rubbish (old turf, stones...etc) which is currently clogging up the side path, into a skip bag that we hired and then it will nearly be done! Hope this weather lasts so we can enjoy it. I will do a 'garden ta-dah' sometime, maybe when the flowers have bloomed in a few weeks!

Anyway I've also been working on all sorts of things this week... more wedding cards, and Father's day orders too which are now coming in. I don't think I've posted about any of my Father's day things yet have I? I didn't get around to designing as many as I wanted, always the way, but here are the ones I have so far...

I always find it quite tricky to design things for men, as I am so girly, and my taste in fabric and design in general really is not very masculine! In fact I think these are the first 'men things' that I've ever really made. 

I'm planning on keeping them in my range after Father's day is passed, well, the football and the boat ones anyway as I think they would make cute birthday cards for boys!

Many of the designs can be personalised so hopefully lots of daddies around the country will be receiving them in a few weeks time! You can find them all, and the rest of my personalised range here.

I've also been working on a new magazine commission this week though it won't be out for a few months yet. Because I have been a bit useless at posting recently (especially as I have been otherwise emotionally occupied!) I forgot to show the project I did for the June issue of Crafts Beautiful - and now it has gone off sale, oops! But here is is anyway...

 For more crafting ideas, visit

I'm going to dig out the bunting next week for the Jubilee celebrations... not that we're particularly doing anything here but there is a little 'street party' going on in the park opposite the house and I think there are going to be lots of celebrations in town too! What are you doing to celebrate the Jubilee, anything or nothing?

Anyway better go, the sofa and a box of chocolate fingers is calling my name but hope you have a lovely rest of the sunny weekend, back soon x


Linda said...

The cards are wonderful! I especially love the checklist!

Jooles said...

Hello sweet lady...i have been thinking about you lots x
you are one clever thing...those cards are INCREDIBLE, how do you do such neat word stitching??? they are fab the boat.
we don't have anything planned...i guess we will see what takes our fancy, but one things for sure we will be haning the bunting out!
can't wait to see your garden
look after yourself x
love jooles x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Hi Jenny, I've been thinking about you and was pleased to see a comment from you today!
Love all your Fathers Day cards, especially the football.
Your bunting is gorgeous too, I hope to put up a bit of bunting next weekend too, a party would be good!! :)
Take care,
Vivienne x

FourHappyBunnies said...

Lovely to hear from you again. The cards a fab and the bunting is so pretty.
I have the bunting out in the garden already :() !! I love an excuse to have a garden party.
Take care xx

.Rosa Lily said...

Like the Dad Checklist (very clever) and the Boat best of all, really lovely and not at all girly! Hope you are feeling a little better, the sun helps I think :) x

Katie said...

Gorgeous cards as always! Thanks for dropping by my blog and thanks for your sweet message. Love Katie xx

♥ Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Hello Jenny...There are a couple of us with pale skins in our house too...especially one of my daughters so there has been lots of sun screen coming out of the cupboard. Lovely cards!... It is always so hard to find something special for dad's or brothers and these are perfect...
Congratulations on your latest feature and the lovely bunting...We shall have the bunting out too although not sure yet how we shall be celebrating. I think a nice rest in the garden would do for me!
Hope you have a lovely week,
Susan x

Country Rabbit said...

i love your cards, especially the manly dad hates football, golf and most sports, all actually hehe...i find trying to buy a birthday card really hard...usually end up making one or getting a plain one with a landscape on it.
i like the idea of using fabrics ;0)

Helen Philipps said...

Hello have made some great cards for dads....sooo difficult to do but you have created some lovely ones here! I loved your project in CB...the bunting is gorgeous, and I do love your way with paper, fabric and sewing!
Hope you get all the badges made and enjoy your gardening:)!
Helen x

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Just catching up here Jenny. So sorry to read you're struggling with tough times. Our lives are rarely as easy as they can seem on our blogs, I think we all know that.

I find that sharing bits of the bad on my blog can be a really positive thing to do, it not only helps me to offload a little but fellow bloggers are such a supportive and caring bunch that one can feel oneself lifted by their kind concern.

I really hope things get sorted for you soon and meanwhile enjoy that glorious garden and the summer sun x

millefeuilles said...

Clever, clever lady! Such a wide range of father's day cards! You totally deserve that chocolate on the sofa ;-)

warmest wishes from another pale-skinned girl.


Caroline said...

Hi Jenny,
So glad to see your post, I've been thinking about you a lot recently. I love your Father's Day cards, especially the Boat one, you are so talented.

My hubby, my children and I all have red hair and fair skin, so we are always slathering on the sun cream in the hot weather! You can only imagine what a sight we are on the beach, haha!

Don't have much planned for the weekend but there is a lot going on in our village, so I'm sure we will be joining in with the celebrations one way or another. It's my son's birthday on Friday, so that's a nice way to start the Jubilee weekend :)

Take care of yourself,
Love Caroline xxx

magie said...

I do find it seems like a much happier day when the sun is shining :)
I look forward to seeing your garden photo's. I was busy busy as well in the garden, though we have no lawn to mow (though enough weeds in between plants to keep me plenty busy).
The Father's day cards are perfect and I like the cupcake Jubliee card (so pretty!).
I hope you have a fun Jubilee. Our village is putting on a little celebration on the Jubilee day, so I am hoping to go to that.
Enjoy the chocolates!
Magie x

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Jenny, glad you're enjoying the warm sunshine and feeling a little better. I love the cards, the colours are great. I find a great 'masculine' fabric is tartan, you can get so many colours and in thin cotton too - so not too bulky. I love gardening, especially weeding/tidying as you get instant satisfaction (jobs such as bulb planting don't show results for months!!!!). As we're in London, for the Jubilee we're thinking of going down to see the flotilla on the Thames, it will be such a great memory for the kids. Make the most of the sunshine! E x

Amanda said...

hello Jenny
I don't think you need to worry about designing cards for men because these cards you have here on your post are amazing. Sooo original...
I shall be enjoying the jubilee from a far .... over the channel with all the tit bits and posts on the blogs that I follow-yours included.... that and BBC World and my family facebook page who will be telling me all about it .

Amanda :-)

my4lilgirls said...

Oh Jenny I adore the man cards, so manly without being dull, they're great. And your jubilee card is stunning, enjoy th erest of the sunny days
Lol Karen x

catkin tales said...

fabulous cards! i am sure that the dad's will be delighted with them.

i loved the flowers in you previous post too, hope we have plenty of sushine to enjoy our gardens with over the weekend.

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