Thursday, 7 July 2011

a granny square update...

Hello! Just popping in with a quick crochet update and also a little news...

The granny blanket is coming along slowly but surely. Still only managing one or two squares a day but it is surprising as the weeks go by how quick it starts to build - have done forty squares so far. Have decided to make the blanket 8 x 12 squares with a nice big border round the edge so nearly half way there on the squares front anyway! (And actually, I have done more than forty squares, that was a little lie... but some of them I just wasn't happy with the colours so I have hidden them in my drawer of shame!) Haha, yes I am that much of a perfectionist.

It was mainly that at the beginning, I did some squares that turned out either too light or too dark and they just looked funny amongst the rest. It would never have sat easy with me that they were in there, so annoying as it was to have to re-do them, it is for the best I think! 

There are some colour combinations and sequences that I find so lovely together, and then there are others that are not quite up my street individually but I think the overall balance is ok - am trying my hardest not to be overly fussy and just look at the bigger picture! 

Is it weird though that I am thinking about my next blanket project even though there is so much to do for this one still?? I am planning a granny stripe next. Oh I do think I may be a little bit blanket obsessed, but since I am always cold, I always have one never far away, so at least they will come in useful!

Anyway I also have some other news to tell you... you may (or may not) have noticed that both my website and NOTHS shops are suspended at the mo, and also I have been pretty much absent from the world of twitter/facebook etc recently. Well, these last few months have been quite stressful but kind of exciting too, as tomorrow, we complete on the purchase of our first house!!!!!

It has been a long old road with months and months of delays with mortgages, plans and solicitors (seriously, I have the solicitors on speed dial the number of times I've had to ring them lately) but things are almost there now. We have carpets to be fitted on Monday but then we will be moving on Wednesday next week with any luck!!

Have not even started the dreaded packing yet as I have been working hard to get a couple of commissions out of the way beforehand, but as of this afternoon, I am going to start on the packing/cleaning/organising stuff in earnest! So basically, I may not be around much for the next few weeks. Apart from all the above, I'm not holding out too much hope that BT will get their act together and transfer our phone/broadband etc on time, so may or may not have access to the Internet for a while anyhow, though fingers crossed we do - I hate living with no Internet, I always feel so cut off!

Then the week after we move, am actually going on holiday to Portugal for three weeks (yes I know, I did say three weeks!!!) Apart from the month I spent backpacking around Europe, I think it will be the longest holiday I've ever been on! Am hoping to be able to squidge my grannies into my baggage allowance but failing that, three weeks of sun, sea and hopefully relaxation will follow! So officially am not going to be re-opening my shops until 1st September. Wow does that does seem like a long way off at the moment but I know it will just whizz by, especially as I am planning to pack such a lot in!

Anyway, hopefully I will get the chance to post again before I jet off, but just in case I don't, here is wishing you all a very happy summer! 

Jenny xxx


a mermaids purse said...

wow. i love your choice of colours- looks really lovely ;0)x

Jo said...

oh how exciting, good luck with the move and have a fab 3 week holiday!
Jo x

Stephanie said...


That is fabulous news about your first house. I know how long the long wait can seem so well done for getting there!

Your blanket is amazing!!! I am envious as my granny sqaure crochet class, which was due this Saturday, has been cancelled as too many people were off on holidays. Sniff, sniff! I don't know you really but the colours you have picked for your blanket seem very you from the artwork I have seen on your blog. Yes, I too am a perfectionist and would also (and probably shall) put some squares aside because they don't sit right.

I've been busy embroidery leaves and knitting a cardigan for my daughter although I am still dithering delightfully about buttons for it: some fab people have been giving me some help in this very serious matter.

It's very hard to post on blogger at the moment which is why I have used the name/url option.

Bonnes vacances!

Jooles said...

WOW Jenny...what a post!!!
fisrtly congratulations on the house front, i know how you feel i can remeber it all too well! You are almost there exciting.
Loving the blanket too, i am on my first and it is a granny stripe and i too am already planning my second and guess what it is to be...we are swapping!
We had a holiday in Portugal a few weeks ago and it is such a beautiful country, i can't wait to go back.
Hope you have an amazing time.
good luck with everything :o)
j x

chocfrog said...

Gorgeous colour combos! A wide border would look good, but very boring to crochet? Personally I'd rather do more squares.

Kirsty said...

Oh I love your blanket, im so jealous it looks amazing, I love the main green colour you chose! I really must get my crochet starter kit out again and see if my brain understands it this time :(
How nice that you will have your first blanket around the same time as your first house, something beautiful for you to remember the special times :)
Have a lovely break, cant wait to see the blanket when its finished!

Kirsty xx
Hattie Willow

Caroline Lovis said...

I read this post with interest as I'm about to start a blanket, two squares a day eh, now I know what I have to do. Good luck with the house move and have a great holiday

Supercutetilly said...

Love the granny blanket.....I am sooooo jealous though :(. Congratulations on the purchase of your new home and I wish you lots of luck !! Have a lovely holiday too xx

Rosa Lily (Pen) said...

Fab blanket! New house and a holiday, you are going to be busy busy busy!! x

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your house Jenny, I'm sure you are very, very excited, wishing you lots and lots of luck!
Your granny squares are gorgeous, I especially love the colour of the last rows, just my thing. :) You'll have a blanket in no time.
I hope that you have a lovely holiday too, 3 weeks of sunshine, how wonderful!
See you soon,
Vivienne x

Eadaoin said...

Wow Jenny, so much exciting news in one blog post!! Congratulations to you both on buying your house, how amazing you'll be moving into your very own place! I'm so excited for you :) And then off to Portugal for a couple of weeks, that'll be great to relax after the big move. You have a wonderful summer ahead Jenny, and I know the move will probably be a bit stressfull, but it'll be made all the easier with the fact that you're moving into your very own home! Looking forward to seeing photos of the granny corner in your new home!! xx

buttonboxcards said...

Great news on your new house- very exciting indeed!! Bet you can't wait to get settled in!! And your off on your jollys to- sounds like s fun few months! Have a lovely time in the sunshine, look forward to hearing all about it when u return.
Elise xxx ps loving the nanna blanket!!

Sconch Textiles said...

Congrats on the house! We completed our house purchase a year ago, and I still feel traumatised thinking about it...

The blanket is coming along wonderfully!

Hope you have a fabulous holiday - VERY jealous :) Good timing though - we swanned off to Mallorca a week after moving in - everyone thought we were crazy, but it was JUST what we needed!

Sam x

Melinda said...

I love your granny squares they will make a great blanket. Glad to hear some one else has a drawer of shame too : )
Good luck with your move I know it can be really stressful. Enjoy your holiday. x

Mary Jane's TEAROOM said...

Your blanket is beautiful Jenny and I love your colour choices....You know I am so envious of all this lovely crochet!..
Your first house and a 3 week holiday in Portugal....almost too much excitement here!!...
Wishing you a fabulous time,
Susan x

Anonymous said...

Blanket looks lovely - I just finished mine 18mths after I began! Happy holidays and happy house move - exciting times.

Dinki Dots said...

The granny blanket is looking fab!

Congratulations on the new house - how exciting for you! I hope all goes well with the move, and you have a wonderful holiday too!

Maria x

Polly Dolly said...

Good luck with the move and have a fab holiday. The blanket is lushxx

Emma Thomsen said...

Ooh what lovely colours, they work really well together! Good luck with the new house and have a super super holiday! :)

bellaboo said...

I love your granny square colour combo.Hope you have a great's an exciting time for you now..good luck with it all. :0)

bellaboo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fee @ chipper nelly said...

how lovely on every count! good for you.
If you haven't gone yet then hope your move goes well and your holiday splendidly! if you're back then hope you havent got the same holiday blues I get!
fee x
(thanks for your lovely comment - yes, v happy!)
(need to ask you if you spoke to NOTHS about suspending your shop or just took a holiday)

Caroline Lovis said...

Hopefully this will be a nice surprise for when things have settled down a bit. I've nominated you for an award.

Helen Philipps said...

Hello Jenny - such exciting news in this post! Hope the house move goes well, what fun you'll have creating your new home!! The blanket is looking gorgeous, and as if you'll soon have it finished too! Wishing you a happy hols.
Helen x

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