Monday, 13 December 2010

Fabric Rag Wreath!

Had a really busy but very productive weekend sorting and sewing orders and catching up on some household jobs, but I also made this lovely Christmas rag wreath on Saturday night whilst watching my weekly dose of Strictly and X-factor!

What do you think?? I was inspired a few weeks ago after reading a wonderful tutorial on Bunny Mummy's blog, so decided to give it a go, as I've always fancied making one. I'd been on a little shopping trip to Bath on Friday and had allowed myself a visit to 'Country Threads', an amazing fabric shop nestled on a quiet backstreet in Bath. I always end up buying masses of fabric and other bits there, and this time was no exception, I came back with a lovely little haul, including some nice festive red and white fabrics to add to my wreath.

The rest I made up out of scraps I already had in my vast collection, including some gingham and a plain red cotton. Once I'd cut out all my pieces with pinking shears (approx 160 rectangles 6'' by 1.5'' in varying patterns), all I had to do was simply tie each one in a knot around a wire frame, which I made from a piece of very thick jewellery wire.
The whole thing only took a few hours, finished off by tying a long piece of reg grosgrain ribbon to the top for hanging, perfect!

I chose only to use a simple colour palette of red and white too, which looks festive but not too Christmas-y that it would look out of place the rest of the year! It turned out so well that I'm now tempted to make a little 'heart' version, which I think would look really sweet in dusky pinks and purples... will have to go raid my stash to see what I've got!

Anyway, hope you like my efforts, and with any luck are all having a lovely, unstressful run up to Christmas (here's hoping anyway!) xxx


Anonymous said...

It's lovely :o) x

Eadaoin said...

This is very very pretty, love those colours, so Christmassy!

Becky said...

Love your fabric wreath. I think they are so pretty and quite therapeutic to make.
I have made some ribbon wreaths, as I am currently obsessed with ribbons!
Your designs are beautiful.
From a fellow local Somerset/Bath/Wiltshire crafter :)

Julia said...

Hello Jenny

I think that is one of the nicest rag wreaths Ive seen, love your fabric choices, they all work so well together! Also been admiring your card designs, they are fabulous!

Sending love from your newest follower
Julia x x x

Jacquie said...

Hi Jenny , Oooooooh I love your wreath , it turned out so pretty :0) It's lovely you made this using my little tutorial , I'm very chuffed .
I made a heart version too but couldn't blog about it as it's for a swap , but I think I like it even better than the round version , so do give it a try when you get a chance.
Hope you have a relaxing Christmas
Jacquie x

All things nice... said...

Glad I found your blog, your creations are lovely and I will be stopping by from now on. I'm off to explore the rest of your blog and take a look around your website :)

All things nice...

Z--- said...


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